Workiro for NetSuite

Like File Cabinet but Supercharged

Work with documents, get any work done, and communicate your work in a way that truly matters.

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A finance team story

"Workiro naturally and intuitively makes the ‘why’ behind actions easy to see. Where this relates to customer or transaction records it’s automatically there against the record where you need to see it, and you can discuss and add to the conversation right there in NetSuite, in real time."

Director of Finance & Operations
Work in Workiro without leaving NetSuite. Drag and drop documents against customers & vendors, send quotes to be signed and access your work in your NetSuite dashboard.
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One place

Workiro provides a unique combination of features that help build exceptional relationships through incredible work.


Eradicate reliance on traditional tools like email, the misappropriation of new-age tools like team chat, and the insurgence of shadow apps, which only serve to create silos of untracked, unrecorded, inaccessible work.


Mitigate confusion, uncertainty and chasing by leaning on features that enforce clear accountability, clarity and visibility - with everything organised, tracked, recorded and secured, by default.


Make it easier to do the right thing by reducing the effort required to perform (what should be) simple tasks. Avoid the need for cumbersome management and monitoring which wastes time and detracts from critical work.


Forget about copying and pasting activity and data between systems, logging emails, or having to rely on and chase others - just to determine what’s happened, is happening and needs to happen.


Say goodbye to tedious and ridiculous every day occurrences - like the need to create calendar entries or tasks to follow up on work - safe in the knowledge that all your work, and the work of others, is unmissable.


Remove the mundane repetition of doing the same things, over and over again. Get the right things to happen, in the right way, at the right time, with the right people involved, all logged and recorded in the right place, automatically.


Workiro plays wonderfully with others to extend and compliment your existing mission critical systems, tools and workflows.

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Workiro is a powerful tool that once integrated within NetSuite, puts the power in your hands to get more done with less effort.

We've created a suite of short videos to demonstrate just some of the functionality Workiro can add to your NetSuite environment.

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