How To Connect NetSuite with Microsoft, Salesforce & HubSpot

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Is your business using multiple software applications in different departments?  

For instance, your sales team may use Salesforce for customer management, marketing could rely on HubSpot for campaigns, and everyone deals with Microsoft docs and emails.  

As NetSuite users, you understand the importance of having a ‘single source of truth’ for your business.  

However, it becomes problematic to maintain this when critical tools are not integrated with your ERP system, leading to data disconnect, fractured collaboration, and challenges in accessing information.

Ready to eliminate data blind spots in NetSuite caused by these disparate tools?  

Let’s explore the risks associated with not integrating them with NetSuite.

Cross collaboration crisis...

26% of leaders see poor cross-team collaboration as the main project management challenge, surpassing outdated processes and remote work struggles.

Only 9% of employees in a survey felt that their workplace provides highly effective tools and systems for sharing and collaboration.
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80% of employees' time is spent collaborating on projects.

Microsoft Outlook & Office 365  

Firstly, when it comes to Outlook, the risk of emails circulating important business data outside of NetSuite can create isolated pockets of information, leading to destructive silos.  

These isolated pockets may be locking away key information for NetSuite-centric processes.

Additionally, the absence of previous emails stored against customer records during conversations can leave you without context when trying to understand why they contacted your business.

And regarding Office 365, the inability to store, share, and co-edit documents directly against customer records may result in data inaccuracies.  

Keeping Microsoft documents in isolated locations also means that customer records are incomplete - this can lead to a situation where you spend time searching for scattered documents to update records.


When sales activities are only recorded in Salesforce, they won't be automatically reflected in NetSuite.  

This creates the need to constantly follow up with the sales team for updates, disrupting their focus on selling - gathering this information and manually adding it to NetSuite becomes a time-consuming task.  

Handling this process at scale increases the risk of inaccuracies, as even a small mistake when inputting data into NetSuite can result in customer records being filled with unrelated information.


The challenges with Salesforce are also applicable to HubSpot.  

However, it's also important to recognise that this system is commonly utilised by marketing teams as well.  

These teams depend on accurate and current customer information from NetSuite to be mirrored in HubSpot.  

Without this synchronisation, they cannot create effective up-selling campaigns tailored to individual customer needs.  

Failing to communicate sudden customer changes through a centralised link between NetSuite and HubSpot could result in significant missed opportunities.  

Ultimately, being able to establish a connection between these systems allows both NetSuite users and marketing teams to seamlessly utilise the necessary tools for their tasks, whilst keeping all data within an integrated ecosystem, enabling both teams to facilitate efficient, streamlined communication sharing.

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