Microsoft Integration

Unlock 10x efficiency with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook seamlessly embedded within our enterprise content management app.

Break free from file duplication

Enable real-time collaboration on a single shared document with clients, suppliers, and team members across your organisation and external partners, eliminating the need for constant sharing and duplication of files.

A Word document being collaborated on

Real-time document updates

Guarantee all stakeholders have access to the most current version of documents, promoting alignment and reducing duplication of efforts. Real-time updates provide clarity and prevent miscommunications that result from working off outdated information.

A list of activity history associated with a document

Auto-capture & file emails

Automatically capture and file incoming emails from any conversation, even when you're away from your desk, allowing you to easily track and act on important information from email exchanges without having to manually save each message.

Email auto-capture being set up in the Workiro app

Convert emails into actionable tasks

Instantly create actionable tasks from emails to improve tracking and accountability. Customise captures to file full emails or specific attachments, and associate tasks with relevant contacts.

A task being created in Workiro via an email
Workiro is so easy to use and took no time at all to implement. It reduces the time spent on admin, lets me get on with important work and provides clarity. I’m able to communicate with teammates and people outside of the business easily and never have to worry about chasing anyone - Workiro does that for me.
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Adam Elliott
Head of Resourcing
Socitm Advisory


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