Your questions, answered

We've gathered a list of your most frequently asked questions below. We're pretty sure we've covered everything, but if we've missed anything please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
What is Workiro?
Who is Workiro for?
What capabilities are included with Workiro?
Does Workiro have usage restrictions?
Is Workiro easy to use?
How do you ensure long-term customer satisfaction?
Can Workiro be used remotely?
Which devices support Workiro?
What file types are compatible in Workiro?
Will Workiro play well with my existing software?
Why not just keep using SharePoint, DocuSign,
and OneDrive?
Is there a roadmap for future Workiro capabilities?
What do your existing customers say about Workiro?
How long have you been involved in software

Task management

Can tasks be assigned to different team members at
different stages of work?
What happens to a task when it is completed?
Can I set due dates for tasks?
Can I create templates for common tasks?
Can you schedule recurring tasks to be created
How can I track the progress of tasks?
Can I edit task names, due date and participants?
Can I re-order my tasks?
Can you pause and reschedule tasks?

Document management

How many documents can I store in Workiro?
How does Workiro handle document version control
& audit history?
Does Workiro have document search?
Does Workiro provide document tagging?
Can I access documents on the go?
Can I rename documents?
Can I export documents to my desktop?

Office 365 collaboration

Which Office 365 document types can you co-edit in
Can you edit Office 365 documents simultaneously in
Does Workiro support co-editing with external
stakeholders outside of my organisation?
Does Workiro provide real-time updates and
notifications for changes made by other co-editors?
Can users view previous versions of a document
in order to compare changes?
Can I make changes in another application
outside of Workiro and upload the changes as
a new version?

Electronic signatures

How many e-signatures can I send each month?
Can you track the status of e-signature requests,
such as whether they've been viewed or signed?
What security measures are in place to ensure
the authenticity of your e-signatures?
Do my customers also need a Workiro account
to sign documents?
What form fields can you add to signature documents?
Can e-signature requests be customised with
my company's branding or logo?
Will the Workiro brand appear on my signature
Can you create reusable templates for commonly
used documents that require signatures?

Email management

What email software is Workiro compatible with?
How does Workiro handle email filing & organisation?
How will I know which emails have been stored
into Workiro already?
Can Workiro automatically capture emails?

Instant messaging

Is there a limit to the number of messages I can send?
Can I send documents with messages?
Are there read receipts and typing indicators?
Is there a way to archive old conversations?
How does Workiro secure my messages?
Can I relate messages to tasks, colleagues,
customers &/or organisations?

Access control

How is access managed?
How does Workiro handle permissions for
external collaborators or third parties?
Can access restrictions be updated or revoked?
What happens if a user tries to access something
they don’t have permission to view?

PDF markup

What PDF markup tools are included with Workiro?
How do I navigate PDF annotations in Workiro?
What are the onboarding steps for new Workiro users?
How long does the typical onboarding process take?
Is there a designated point of contact for addressing
questions or concerns during the onboarding process?
Can onboarding sessions be conducted remotely or are
they only available on-site?
Are there any setup or onboarding fees?
What qualifications or certifications do your
engineers have?
Can you migrate data from my existing software?
Do you offer personalised training sessions tailored to our
specific needs?
How far in advance do we need to book training sessions?
Do you offer in-person, online, or hybrid training sessions?
Is there a limit on the number of people who can attend
training sessions?
How long are the training sessions?
Can we record the training sessions for future reference?
Do you have an in-house support team?
What is your process for logging a new support ticket?
What is the process for feedback & capability requests for
What are the average response times for tech support
Do you provide remote assistance?
Can we access historical support tickets and resolutions
for reference?
What are the available hours for tech support?
How do you handle emergency or critical support
Can support tickets be tracked in real-time?
Is there a regular schedule for system maintenance or
Does Workiro have any security certifications?
Who is responsible for the security of your app?
Where is the data in your app stored?
How does Workiro ensure data backup and recovery?
Can users control their own data backups, or is it
managed centrally by Workiro?
What types of encryption does Workiro use to protect
data at rest and in transit?
What measures does your company take to ensure the
security of its data and assets?
How does your company mitigate risks associated with
personnel security?
What guidelines and standards does your company's
information security policies adhere to?
What training programs are in place for employees
regarding company policies, security practices, and
privacy regulations?
What tools and processes does your company use to
monitor and respond to threats in its network
What standards and frameworks does your company's
Incident Response Plan follow?
What framework does your company use for its Risk
Management program?
Does your company conduct internal audits and work
with third parties to ensure compliance with security
How much is Workiro?
Are there any hidden fees or additional costs with
What is your pricing model?
Can I switch between monthly and annual billing cycles?
What forms of payment do you accept?
What is your cancellation policy?
Can I try Workiro for free?
Where can I read your full terms of service?

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