Workiro Integrations

Integrate with 1,000s
of apps

Workiro connects the work apps you already love, allowing you to do exceptional work no matter what tech you use.


Integrate with 1,000s of apps

GetBusy connects the work apps use and love, allowing you to do exceptional work no matter what tech you use.


Workiro’s workflow management software can be integrated into NetSuite with our hybrid SuiteApp solution – solving the challenges of gaining real-time access to data.

Send tasks to anyone inside or outside of your team. Link tasks to NetSuite records, discuss them, pause them, tag them and retain complete visibility over their progress until completed and archived.

Support your relationships with customers, vendors and teammates.

Capture, organise and retrieve documents intuitively against NetSuite relationship records.

Purpose built eSignature solution for NetSuite clients.
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Microsoft Outlook

Email is inherently chaotic. There is no defined accountability, no guarantee of delivery and no defined goals. Workiro give structure to the chaos.

Multiple email chains and threads are disorganised and insecure. Workiro brings organisation to email.

Save attachments in the right place. Documents get lost in email chains. Workiro’s intuitive tagging and file storage system enables users to safely store documents.

Version control. Workiro solves email’s lack of version control, preventing multiple versions of the same document and providing document clarity.

Encryption and Security. Prioritise secure file sharing and ensure that internal and client information is encrypted and protected. Workiro keeps your business safe and protects client data to securely share and store files.
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iPaaS Integrations

Workiro integrates with tools you already use to make managing your workflows even easier.

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