Glide Integration

Transform Glide into your undisputed 'single source of accountancy truth' with a supercharged enterprise content management integration.

One integration, multiple tools

Streamline your essential business tools into one application to avoid the hassle of adopting numerous costly third-party apps which can lead to fragmented data.

NetSuite and Workiro in the centre surrounded by all the Workiro product features

Bring data & productivity into perfect harmony

Every action in Workiro automatically syncs with your Glide records, saving you time on administrative tasks and preventing duplication when managing important accounting information.

Visualisation of information flowing between Glide and Workiro

Access our features without ever leaving Glide

Workiro integrates seamlessly into Glide as a tab, providing direct access to additional productivity features without leaving your CRM.

Visualisation of information from Glide being pulled into Workiro

Smooth platform transition

Easily transition between both platforms, right within the user-friendly Glide interface, ensuring effortless user adoption for all members of your business.

Workiro modal in Glide interface
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