enterprise content management for insolvency

Efficiently organise creditor and debtor emails, quickly retrieve essential documents, and send unlimited, legally compliant signatures.

A message containing a contract ready for a signatureA contract fileA financial report with limited visibility

Features you'll love

Flexible user restrictions
Clear audit trails
Easy document retrieval
Integration with IPS
Mobile access

Perfect for remote insolvency professionals

Effortlessly manage your case load on mobile or desktop, anytime, and anywhere in the world with our user-friendly app.

An image depicting how users can work on any device using the Workiro app

Forge deeper client connections with IPS Integration

Seamlessly link every detail to case files for a comprehensive, accurate view of client history, leaving nothing unnoticed or unaddressed.

An image depicting the flow of information between two apps

Scalable solutions built for growing case loads

Leverage a range of features that automatically grows for free with your caseload, ready to accommodate additional documents, users, and data.

The Workiro logo surrounded by eight features

Secure client messaging with resilient encryption

Maintain absolute confidentiality with all client discussions and updates, by automatically capturing emails and using secure, integrated messaging for follow up communication.

A secure message being sent to someone using Workiro

Fast-track new clients into your workflow

Speed-up client onboarding with electronic document submission and unlimited signature features to propel key processes.

A conversation between two people in Workiro alongside a document

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