Turnkey IPS Integration

Embed multiple enterprise content management tools into your case files for faster project completion.

Synchronised data & productivity

Your IPS case lists sync automatically with Workiro, allowing you to freely use our productivity tools without affecting the accuracy of your data.

An email being set up for auto capture using the Workiro app

No more email chaos

Automatic email capture eliminates manual effort, streamlining admin tasks and giving you more time for value-added work.

A visualisation of information travelling from Turnkey IPS into Workiro

Real-time e-signature tracking

Unlock the dynamic synergy between Workiro's e-signature and IPS databases for a real-time, all-encompassing view of client-signed documents and pending follow-ups.

Workiro in the the centre of tasks associated with signatures feeding into the app

Instant client record retrieval

Effortlessly find records in an instant with a seamless one-click search right from the IPS case file interface.

A search bar with results beneath it
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