enterprise content management for IFA

Streamline your workflow by managing, accessing, and collaborating in the same place, ensuring optimal efficiency and enhanced client experience.

A contract agreement fileA message with a contract attached ready for a signature

Features you'll love

Compliant document sharing
Robust client data security
Unlimited e-signatures
Version control
Remote collaboration

Perfect for remote IFA professionals

Effortlessly provide expert financial advice on mobile or desktop, anytime, and anywhere in the world with our user-friendly app.

An image depicting how users can work on any device using the Workiro app

Encrypted messaging for confidential discussions

Communicate with clients through end-to-end encrypted messaging, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive financial information.

A secure message being sent to someone using Workiro

Unlock seamless workflows

Use one system for file sharing and e-signatures, creating a seamless workflow for investment documentation, insurance policies, and pension statements.

An image depicting how users can send, sign and discuss documents within Workiro

Accelerate client trust for swift relationship building

Quickly build trust with clients by talking to them fast. Keep these conversations linked to important files, so you can easily see past interactions with context, whenever you need to.

A conversation between two people in a Workiro task alongside a PDF document

Streamlined task grouping & client data security

Divide tasks into specific categories such as small business owners, families or young professionals, and use simple access controls to protect client info, keeping things smooth during both simple and complicated projects.

A new task with access permissions set for different people

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