How To Get Unlimited Document Storage in NetSuite

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NetSuite's file cabinet offers 10 GB of storage – roughly equivalent to 100,000 documents.

While this may initially seem sufficient, it doesn't take much time before you approach this limit, prompting the need to buy additional space.  

This isn't a significant issue if your growth is gradual over an extended period.  

However, we know that some businesses require a solution to scale up document management for NetSuite efficiently without increasing their expenses.

We'll explore the challenges of limited document storage in the world's leading cloud ERP system, and then, we'll introduce you to an unlimited and truly scalable alternative.

Urgent document action required...

Investing in new document management can unleash a 404% ROI in Just 5 Years!

Document challenges are costing organizations nearly $20,000 per worker in wasted time.
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43% of employees would consider quitting if they couldn't access information efficiently across company apps or services.

Document detours

When your File Cabinet is full, you might need to store documents in separate locations that aren't linked to your NetSuite environment.  

This scattered approach undermines NetSuite's role as the 'single source of truth' for your business, creating fragmented pockets of information that hinder operational efficiency.  

Searching for documents related to a specific NetSuite record can become time-consuming, impacting your daily activities.  

Without documents stored alongside NetSuite records, decision-making may significantly slow down, posing challenges in achieving important business goals.

Document space squeeze

If getting more document management software is not an option, you might need to reduce your File Cabinet usage.

However, removing documents to free up space could pose problems during an audit.  

Audits require a thorough and accurate account of all business activities, including customer-related documentation.  

While it might not be a concern now, as your business grows, the chances of an audit increase.  

It's always a good idea to be prepared for potential issues that may arise in the future!

Storage upgrade dilemma

Considering new document storage systems is an alternative, but it can be time-consuming.

First, you need to find the right solution, then connect it with NetSuite, and finally, move your existing data from different systems.

Even if your new solution solves the 10 GB limit in File Cabinet, what if this also becomes impractical as your business grows?

Paying for additional storage costs money, and if you must find yet another alternative, you go through the same tiresome cycle again.

One price, one integration – unlimited document storage in NetSuite!


Scaling up document management in NetSuite just got easier with our seamless, native integration.  

Simply add our powerful SuiteApp to your NetSuite environment to eliminate concerns about storage limits.  

But wait, there's more – our solution goes beyond the basics of standard document management!

With our integration, you not only get the capability to store and manage an unlimited number of documents but also enjoy innovative productivity features.  

These include automatic email management, e-signing, and Microsoft co-editing.  

Here are some more reasons people love our document management for NetSuite.

Drag and drop files

Simply drag and drop your important files onto NetSuite records, instantly improving visibility and accessibility for everyone involved.

Fast document access

Quickly find your documents natively in NetSuite using lightning-fast search. Speed up the process even more with filters for easy and streamlined results.

Holistic NetSuite document management

Keep tabs on the complete lifecycle of documents in NetSuite, recording all activities with clear and easy to follow audit trails.

Real-time document versioning

Make sure everyone works from the latest document version to eliminate duplication and speed up processes.

Power up your document game in NetSuite!

Start enjoying unlimited document storage in NetSuite today – make one investment to lay the seeds for permanent scalability in the world’s #1 cloud ERP system.  

No more usage concerns!  

No more disconnected solutions!  

No more migrating to new software every time you grow!  

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