6 Easy NetSuite Document Management Tips

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Do you want to improve your knowledge of NetSuite document management?

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

#1 How do I add documents to NetSuite?

Firstly, click the Documents tab.

Then select the folder you want your documents stored in the right pane.

Now click Add File to upload documents from your computer.

You will need to click Advanced Add for anything stored in the internet.

#2 How do I edit documents in NetSuite?

Firstly,click on the Documents tab.

Then locate the document you want to edit by clicking on the folder storing it.

Now click Edit on the file you want to make changes.

Make your changes to the document.

Click Save.

#3 How do I move documents in NetSuite?

Firstly,click on the Documents tab.

Now locate the documents you want moved.

Now click Move Files.

You can move more than document each time by ticking the box.

Now select where you want the documents moved to by clicking Move To - found under the Filters subtab.

Click Move once you are finished.

#4 How do I copy documents in NetSuite?

Locate the folder containing the documents you want copied.

Now click Copy Files.

Tick the box on each documents you want copied.

Now select Copy To – found under the Filters subtab.

Now selected the new folder you want this documents to be stored.

Finally, click Copy inside the new folder.

#5 Can you recover documents deleted in NetSuite?

Unfortunately, you can't get back documents once they're deleted in NetSuite.

Be very careful when choosing which documents to remove.

Regularly check what's in your File Cabinet to make deleting the right documents easier and to keep things manageable.

#6 Can you get instant chat integrated with NetSuite document management?

Yes you can.

The easiest way to connect all communication with your documents is our native NetSuite live chat feature.

This creates a centralised messaging repository in NetSuite for all stakeholders, instantly storing their communication alongside your documents.

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