5 Ways NetSuite SuiteApps Can Transform Your Business Operations

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Choosing NetSuite is a smart decision for your business.

It's the leading cloud ERP system designed to scale with your company's growth.  

But what if you could make it even better?  

You can, by integrating the right NetSuite SuiteApp.  

These applications expand what NetSuite can do, offering custom features for your unique business needs.  

Businesses have a wide array of NetSuite-approved solutions to choose from – you can explore the latest offerings on the SuiteApp store.

Now, let's explore why adding these SuiteApps to your NetSuite system is a great move.

#1 Feature additions

NetSuite has no built-in e-signature feature, storage for documents is limited, and you must use external tools like SharePoint for editing.

Adding a specific NetSuite SuiteApp can solve these issues, as it keeps your ERP as your single source of truth but enhances it with the functionalities you need, ensuring your processes run smoothly without any hiccups or delays.

#2 Growth alignment

As your business grows, you'll encounter new needs for specific functions.  

For example, you might require the ability to markup PDF documents linked to customer records.

NetSuite is designed to be a lasting investment for your business.  

By choosing NetSuite SuiteApps that align with your growing needs, you can ensure that your business never outgrows its ERP system.  

This approach eliminates the need for a complete overhaul of your technology stack during rapid scaling periods, enabling people to carry on with their regular duties with no disruption to their workflow.

#3 Unified access

Some departments in your business may not have access to NetSuite, creating a gap between those that do and those that don't use the system.  

For instance, sales might typically use Salesforce while marketing uses HubSpot.

This can result in important information being isolated or lost in systems that only certain individuals can access.  

By integrating a SuiteApp that natively resides in NetSuite and connects with these systems too, you can centralise the tracking of all team members' activities, making it easier to monitor data sharing across your company.

#4 Admin reduced

A NetSuite SuiteApp can simplify many tasks in your system.

This includes the automatic collection of customer emails into a single location, giving NetSuite users quick access to important details like attachments that explain a particular issue.  

This saves time since users don't have to track down information outside of NetSuite.

Subsequently, time-consuming administrative work is reduced, allowing more focus on critical activities that boost business revenue and customer loyalty.

#5 Tech evolution

SuiteApps are continuously supported and updated by their developers.  

This means they stay in sync with the latest NetSuite versions and gain new features over time.  

For your business, this translates to a steady stream of innovation that integrates smoothly with NetSuite, opening up new opportunities as technology evolves.

Try the Workiro NetSuite SuiteApp

Workiro natively integrates with NetSuite, creating a single space for you to collaborate with your team, customers, and vendors.  

It offers unlimited document storage, automatically captures emails, integrates Microsoft document co-editing, and supports the entire e-signing process.  

This one SuiteApp is an all-in-one solution that enhances NetSuite and breaks down barriers that slow down your operations.

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