How To Protect Your Data Outside of NetSuite

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Securing NetSuite data is crucial, especially with compliance requirements in focus - a single oversight could have significant consequences!

Rather than delving into another detailed lecture about GDPR or CCPA, let's explore a straightforward method for your business to gain precise control over shared data with external stakeholders who may not be working inside the NetSuite ecosystem.  

So, what’s the biggest problem Workiro overcomes?

The fact many businesses secure data outside of NetSuite by folder or document type, which introduces numerous bottlenecks when it comes to delivering projects securely and on time.

Data disaster...

94% of companies hit by catastrophic data loss face the grim reality of non-survival.
(University of Texas)

In just one year, close to 1 billion emails fell victim to cyber-attacks.

Cyber-crime is poised to skyrocket, with a projected cost of $10.5 trillion by 2025.
(2022 Official Cyber-Crime Report)

Navigating your digital haystack

Tracking who accessed a specific document can be a real challenge.

It's akin to searching for a needle in a haystack – it lacks detailed information on who opened, edited, or deleted a file because it mainly focuses on managing broad categories.

Without a more detailed approach, it's similar to having a library where you know which section a book is in, but you're in the dark about who borrowed or read it.  

This lack of granularity makes detailed auditing very difficult!

Lost in the email abyss

While you could send targeted email links to the relevant stakeholders with the folders or documents they need, this approach disconnects any communication from the customer record.

And freely sharing these will create a new concern – critical data traversing multiple email chains and ending up in various document storage solutions.  

The more locations your data resides, the greater the vulnerability to potential cyber-attacks.

Balancing trust & data

Once documents or folders are sent outside your business, you can't oversee them.  

This now relies heavily on external stakeholders to secure sensitive data containing details about your business activity – information you wouldn't want to unintentionally reach competitors.

Additionally, certain access may need to be revoked or reinstated, but a folder or document, once in someone's possession, remains there unless manually removed.  

Data security reinvented!

Use our versatile access control feature that integrates into NetSuite, offering complete control over who sees what data and when from inside your system.  

No more email sharing, no more compliance issues, and no more fears of data circulating outside of your NetSuite ecosystem, falling into the wrong hands.

Here's a much deeper dive.  

Say goodbye to folder & document constraints!

Configure access based on individuals, projects, tags, and threads, offering unparalleled flexibility in sharing information - access can be granted or removed with the click of a button!

Transparent stakeholder data access tracking

Systematically log stakeholder data access, allowing easy monitoring of activities in potential legal disputes within projects.

Set permissions at project kick-off

Establish permissions promptly at the commencement of a new project, guaranteeing that the appropriate team members are granted access right from the outset.

Instant & secure content sharing

Facilitate instantaneous content sharing among designated team members, fostering a culture of prompt and securely fortified collaboration.

Boost NetSuite's performance with a spectrum of power-up features!

Securing your business data outside of NetSuite is but a scratch on the surface for Workiro!

Our enterprise content management system is built for NetSuite, and is packed with a multitude of groundbreaking productivity tools.  

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