How To See Your Entire Business Activity in NetSuite

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Visibility is a significant deal breaker for businesses - not being able to see what happens in other departments could bring an instant stop to your working flow!

Seeing what others are doing can be quite a rewarding experience for those utilising NetSuite, as they can make more informed decisions based on real-time data provided by multiple stakeholders.

And consider how opening NetSuite data to those outside of this ecosystem can speed up their own work, as they can access what they need straightaway.

Workplace woes...

An overwhelming 99% of consumers insist on excellent communication from the businesses they use.  


A typical company is burdened with over 2,000 information silos.


86% of executives and employees point to insufficient collaboration and communication as the primary culprits behind workplace failures.


Status waiting game

Quite often, finance departments face significant challenges in maintaining accurate and current reports in NetSuite.

Their success is dependent on the cooperation of other teams, and the lack of visibility into their progress can create a significant bottleneck.

Is the following scenario a common occurrence in your organization?

Collaborating with the sales team often results in uncertainty about the status of proposals – whether they have been created, sent, or signed.

Continuous follow-ups are necessary to update NetSuite records with the latest prospect information, but obtaining prompt responses is often hindered by the sales team's busy schedule dealing with their sales-related tasks.

Messaging mystery

Once your prospect is converted into a customer, the focus shifts towards retention.  

Your primary challenge is now handling inquiries promptly, and lacking a complete overview of all customer activity in front of you can prove problematic.

Previous communication may be scattered across various third-party instant messaging software for business, including Teams and Slack.  

Revisiting a history of conversations is a cumbersome task, and it's hard to determine if these discussions pertain to the specific NetSuite record in question.

This lack of context can lead to inefficient investigations, potentially wasting everyone's time.  

Later, you might realize that another messaging app used by your business holds crucial information, clarifying the correct course of action that should have been taken all along.

Departmental divide

Even within the finance team, not all members may possess a NetSuite license, yet their daily tasks significantly impact the accuracy of your reporting.

For instance, the accounts receivable department primarily focuses on invoice collection and relies on a straightforward accounting document management system that fulfils their specific requirements.


This system tracks every client invoice, allowing them to address overdue items promptly, however, this list is not available within NetSuite, necessitating external communication to gain insight into their operations.

Breaking down silos outside of NetSuite!

You need every stakeholder to see what’s happening in NetSuite, and perhaps more importantly, you need to see what they’re doing, without having to undermine your ERP’s role as the ‘single source of truth’ at your business.  

Disrupting this ideal will keep happening the more collaboration takes place within apps siloed away from your system, as you’ve now got pockets in your business only holding ‘part of the truth’.  

Only with NetSuite SuiteApps that bring every stakeholder into the NetSuite ecosystem can you deliver accurate reporting that often requires consistent input by multiple departments.    

We do this!  

Let’s explore how NetSuite task management by Workiro can give you instant visibility of everything, and the sort of benefits this can provide.    

Log everything in NetSuite

Establish a comprehensive task diary that meticulously records actions and involvement from all parties, fostering transparency and providing an invaluable historical record for reference and analysis.

Superior customer service

Elevate the quality of customer services through the implementation of a unified, highly responsive, and collaborative system for managing customer records, ensuring seamless interactions and a superior customer experience.

Never miss a deadline again

Stay on top of your tasks with timely alerts and notifications about approaching deadlines, assignments, or modifications, so that no task is neglected.

Task-centric discussions in NetSuite

Begin discussions that revolve around tasks within NetSuite, swiftly allocate ownership, and increase clarity to nurture effortless collaboration.  

Uncover a plethora of features for that boost NetSuite's power! 

Our enterprise content management system can power up your system with task managing software and lots of more trailblazing productivity features.

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