How To Crush Competitors with 10X Customer Service in NetSuite

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Customers serve as the lifeblood of your business, entrusting you with the delivery of goods or services.

But, when issues emerge, maintaining their trust hinges on efficient communication and prompt responses.  

NetSuite, often the repository of customer data, becomes the central source of truth for your business during these situations.  

However, complications arise when internal stakeholders or tools are disconnected from the NetSuite ecosystem.  

Let's delve into some common pitfalls and then explore the easiest way to address them.

Rapid customer churn...

53% of customers express dissatisfaction with the fragmented nature of most support interactions.  
(Salesforce Research)

Two-thirds of consumers won't hesitate to cut ties with a brand the moment they encounter subpar customer service.

48% of customers assert that the pandemic has elevated their standards for customer service.

Holiday email trap

Important details about a customer issue could be in a single email.

One problem - the colleague responsible for handling this customer is currently on holiday, away from their email, and that's where the essential details are stored.

Emails are just one example; think about the various messaging apps scattered across your business.  

Because these apps aren't integrated with NetSuite, customer records end up incomplete, bringing any progress in resolving disputes to an immediate standstill.

Navigating customer confusion

Both the sales and finance teams are closely linked in customer management.  

Sales acquire and sometimes handle customer accounts, while finance must keep accurate financial records to ensure smooth cash flow.

The challenge arises when finance uses NetSuite, but sales operate in Salesforce.  

With two separate sources of truth, contradictions may occur, leading to confusion.  

This lack of synchronized information can hinder effective communication with customers, as each department may not have the ‘full picture’.

Tech hurdles during customer expansion

Getting new customers is thrilling as it opens doors to growth.  

NetSuite handles a growing customer base well, but what about your productivity tools?  

Are e-signing limits and document storage capacities slowing you down?

Fast growth demands a rethink of your tech stack!  

Yet, in these transitions, which may have initial challenges, your customers might experience delays as you adapt to new technology.

Seamless integration, unparalleled results!

Effectively managing customers often involves utilising various tools and engaging multiple stakeholders.  

Therefore, establishing a seamlessly integrated productivity ecosystem is crucial.  

We firmly advocate for NetSuite to serve as your central hub, ensuring it remains your business's 'single source of truth.'

You can retain this eutopia with our seamless integration of enterprise content management, accompanied by a range of NetSuite add ons, converged into one place.

This integration breaks down communication barriers and streamlines key processes for customer service among internal stakeholders.  

Let's explore how Workiro plays a pivotal role in transforming NetSuite into the ultimate customer service hub for your business.

Syncing NetSuite with Salesforce

Workiro makes NetSuite and Salesforce work together seamlessly, ensuring all customer records are accurate and visible in both your CRM and ERP systems.

One place for all customer communication

Use integrated NetSuite live chat to communicate with all stakeholders, and keep all activity stored against customer records for faster action with instant context.

Outlook integration for NetSuite

By integrating Outlook with NetSuite, customer emails are automatically captured in your system, and instantly stored against their records, giving everyone in your team easy access to previous communication and shared documents.

Scale up - unlimited style

Our NetSuite tools come with unlimited usage - when your customer service needs go up, your tech stack is instantly ready to handle the increased demands.

Activate game-changing NetSuite add ons!

Boost your operational efficiency to unparalleled heights with a single, powerful enterprise content management integration for NetSuite!

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