How To Create a Centralised Productivity Hub for NetSuite & Salesforce Users

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Is your business using both NetSuite and Salesforce?

This common setup often involves finance operations in NetSuite and sales activities in Salesforce, as each system caters to the specific needs of these departments.

However, a challenge arises due to the interconnected nature of sales and finance, with customer service playing a crucial role in both areas.

The issue stems from these systems typically existing in silos, creating a persistent bottleneck for the teams involved.

Let's delve into why keeping NetSuite and Salesforce separate can adversely impact customer service and we'll also explore a solution that goes beyond the typical integration for these systems.

Closing integration gaps...

40% of projects fail simply because stakeholders can't effectively merge and make sense of diverse data sets.

Integrations have enhanced close rates for 59% of organisations.

25% of executives find their CRM lacking or insufficient in integrations.

Data face-off

Having two separate 'sources of truth' means both teams may be working with very different data for each customer.

Finance might chase payments prematurely, while sales may not know that data updated in NetSuite just yesterday makes their proposed sales pitch obsolete.

This fragmented approach can disrupt key processes, leading to inadvertent bottlenecks caused by incomplete records.

Competitive edge at risk

Sales professionals are busy, attending numerous meetings to secure new business.

Wasting time manually providing finance with missing data not visible in their NetSuite system is a significant administrative burden - such tasks give a major advantage to competing businesses!

Additionally, if there is uncertainty in how missing data has been addressed in Salesforce, communication delays could consume a significant portion of the day.

Dreaded duplication

Repeated actions don't benefit either team.

NetSuite users lack visibility into Salesforce activities, leading to uncertainty about initiated content or communication.

This leaves them unsure whether to enquire or set aside potentially time-wasting clarification with the other team.

Consequently, duplication is probable, resulting in your business having multiple, often conflicting versions of content and communication stored in two systems.

Cutting costs, boosting visibility in NetSuite & Salesforce!

There needs to be a link between these two systems, something which addresses the lack of visibility both teams have in their respective systems.

But here's the thing - this has already been done!

We chose a unique approach.

Instead of making you buy additional Salesforce or NetSuite licenses and dealing with the integration of these systems, our cloud-based enterprise content management app serves as a more affordable bridge.

It seamlessly connects these two systems and includes all stakeholders in one unified ecosystem.

Let's dig into this a bit more!

NetSuite to Workiro - instant Salesforce access

Save documents from NetSuite to Workiro during the Order to Cash process. This provides Salesforce users with instant access to crucial customer information. No need for sales teams to chase finance for inaccessible documents.

Unified customer journey

By combining all elements in Workiro, users of both NetSuite and Salesforce get a complete view of the customer's journey, automatically, without the need to navigate each other's systems!

Tasks and signatures, all in one repository

Sales and finance can easily start tasks and signature requests with the customer in the same repository. This ensures clear understanding of tasks, deadlines, and responsible parties - those who need it can see the complete status of the tasks.

Total audit transparency

You can access a complete audit history for all interactions in one place. This includes tasks, documents with edits, and notes, all clearly showing who did what and when.

Workiro transforms NetSuite & Salesforce integration for finance analyst

Insight analyst, Adam Care, started using Workiro to bridge the gap between NetSuite and Salesforce, and has seen drastic improvements in operational efficiency.  

“We implemented Salesforce in January 2018 and NetSuite in September of the same year.

However, with no native integration between the two systems, we realised the potential for finance and sales teams to lose visibility of client information and become isolated in their respective platforms.

Initially, we tried manual workarounds to bridge the gap, but they were time-consuming and did not provide a satisfactory experience.

Giving licenses for both Salesforce and NetSuite to everyone was not a viable option either.

This resulted in frustration, constant back-and-forth communication, and decreased productivity for the sales and finance teams.

Enter Workiro—the solution that seamlessly brought Salesforce and NetSuite together.

Workiro organised client information in a user-friendly way, eliminating the need for us to manage folder structures or remind people about overdue tasks.

It simply works!

This shift led to a significant reduction in frustrations for sales and finance, and I'm pleased to report that our relationship has never been better.

Workiro has become an indispensable part of our operations!”

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