How To Centralise External Comms with Your NetSuite Docs

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Do you spend most of your working day navigating NetSuite?  

Consider how certain stakeholders are without the luxury of gaining access to the world’s #1 cloud software suite.  

Because of this, you, rather unfortunately, must use external instant messaging software to communicate, and what does that cause?  

Silos, oh so many silos.  

Communication crisis...

20% of emails never make it to the recipient's inbox.

Over the past year, a staggering 32% of individuals have found communicating with clients and colleagues increasingly challenging.

40% of global employees feel a palpable absence of collaboration and communication within their organizations.  

Never-ending search story

An average day for NetSuite users can soon be consumed by endless chasing and searching away from the system, in fact, lets contextualize this for you, and have a think about whether this sounds like your world.  

You work in finance, because NetSuite is very much built for you, and collaboration often takes place with the sales team.  

However, they don’t use NetSuite, making them a serious contender for biggest daily frustration.  

Smooth relations between sales and finance are, however, rather important, especially when dealing with both customer acquisition and retention.  

With the former, seamless chat means new prospects are converted quicker, and for the latter, equally speedy chat means problems are solved in a timely manner, enabling stronger customer experiences that entice people to stick around.

Your biggest problem in both cases is being able to find information you need without scouring several systems.  

Lost in a sea of messaging apps

Let’s imagine you deal with multiple sales folk who each have their preferred method of communicating, which may include good old-fashioned emails, or something like Slack as it offers instantaneous messaging.  

Both serve their purpose well, expect one slight caveat, that being how nothing is being recorded in NetSuite, and therefore, not stored against client records along with their extensive library of documents.  

How frustrating that when you’re trying to deal with a disgruntled customer, info isn’t staring you in the face right away, but instead, stored somewhere, possibly email, possibly Slack or possibly some other messaging tool you never knew your business used.  

Data delays & document dilemmas

Also consider winning new customers, and how the sales team really want this done swiftly to ensure quotas are smashed well ahead of schedule.  

They won’t be too pleased when countless questions are necessary from yourself, as you don’t have information available right away, requiring you to waste your sales team’s precious time digging up what you need to ensure invoices can start being created.

One last thing to consider would be siloing communication away from documents, which has been touched on, but let’s really get our head around that for a second.  

Asking a series of questions about a specific client could make next to no sense without documents stored against this, unlocking the potential for never-ending email exchanges to ensure everyone is on the same page, and not inadvertently making critical errors by working on the wrong record.  

Quickly see everything in NetSuite! 

Speed is the key ingredient to stopping these problems, and to achieve suitable speed, you need to enhance visibility for every stakeholder.  

Your sales team can’t see what you’re doing in NetSuite, and likewise, you can’t see what’s going on in the multiple messaging tools outside of your system.  

Because of this, key information is now scattered everywhere, some of which is easily recovered, but in lots of cases, potentially collecting dust, locked away in a seldom used system that isn’t known for ease of retrieval.  

So, what do you need? You need NetSuite integration tools for messaging that sits inside NetSuite and made accessible to stakeholders who operate in their own little bubble.


Here’s how integrating NetSuite live chat by Workiro can save you hours of search time and significantly boost your customer experiences.  

Say goodbye to disconnected chats

No more juggling between Slack and Teams for chats. Centralize your conversations within NetSuite to streamline your time management and maintain a firm grip on your key responsibilities.

Seamless storage & instant retrieval

Store conversations with all stakeholders in organized threads for easy archiving. Retrieve past discussions with immediate access to contextual information seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite records.

Ditch emails for end-to-end encryption

Step up your security game by replacing email with end-to-end encrypted messaging, which safeguards your sensitive NetSuite files with an extra layer of protection.

Never miss a message in NetSuite

Receive instant notifications whenever your stakeholders send or respond to your messages, ensuring a complete progress overview right within NetSuite, without the need to switch between applications.

Explore more ways to power up NetSuite! 

Our enterprise content management system is packed with ground-breaking features that transform your system into a collaborative powerhouse.  

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