How Workiro Powers Up Finance-Sales Collaboration in NetSuite

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Sales and finance are intrinsically linked.  

Customer service, business forecasting, and compliance are just some of the things heavily reliant on sound collaboration.  

Spend most of your time inside NetSuite?  

Our supercharged enterprise cloud content management has been purposefully developed to power up your module, enabling much faster, easier, and smarter work between sales, finance and well beyond.  

Let’s explore how...  

Single Repository for all Customer Communication

Both sales and finance deal with customers.  

These customers could be using all manner of communication tools, ranging from WhatsApp all the way to good old fashioned email.  

Such a diverse range of tools isn’t necessary internally!  

Use Workiro to store all communication, that way, sales or finance know exactly where to look right away.  

And what’s great is how customers don’t need a Workiro license to communicate with you, and if you’d rather steer clear of your inbox, make full use of our NetSuite Outlook integration.  

This takes important attachments away from your emails and stores these inside NetSuite.  

Again, using this ‘single repository’, both sales and finance have full visibility of important files, which could be pivotal during joint projects, such as on-boarding new clients, or resolving a dispute with an existing customer.  

Extra Harmony Added to Your NetSuite Salesforce Integration

NetSuite and Salesforce are both top of their game as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems respectively.  

But do people really need a licence just to see what other departments are getting up to?  

Workiro says ‘no’ – we believe sales and finance managers are the only people who really need an account.  

Add Workiro into your existing NetSuite Salesforce integration for a more cost-effective conduit between the two, enabling all members of both sales and finance to see the ‘whole truth’.  

New users can be included in this focal workflow for just $30 per month, offering them a suite of tools that power up NetSuite, with document management, task sharing, instant chat, and PDF markup readily accessible.  

Unlimited Teamwork

NetSuite is celebrated for its capacity to store and manage large volumes data.  

This same ‘grandiose’ approach is taken with Workiro, as no matter how much data needs to be handled by sales, finance, or even both, this can be done as much as you like.  

So, what does that mean exactly?

It means limitless collaboration – perfect for those on-going projects that never seem to end!  

Think forecasting, budgeting, pricing strategies and lots more.  

Unlike other apps, we don’t put limits on usage – we’re all about powering up collaboration between sales and finance – how else are you going to 10x your business?  

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