Why Sales Walk Away from Businesses with Inferior Tools

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Sales are playing a game.  

It’s a tough game, and they hate losing.  

Now more than ever, sales are leaving as they don’t have what they need for an overly saturated business landscape.  

For context, reports suggest 60% of sales cycles can be made far longer as people are working without 'proper tools' by their side.  

Have sales recently departed your business? Or perhaps you’re concerned about future exits?  

Really get to grips with the ‘why’.  

Why Do Salespeople Leave?

Time is Being Flushed Away


It’s a dirty word for sales.  

These laborious tasks wipe hours upon hours of selling time.  

In fact, studies suggest up to 65% of their time is spent on ‘non-sales’ stuff.  

Does your team start each morning scouring different software for data?  

Are they using outdated functionality?  

Slowly but surely, these problems drain each day, and less time is spent selling.  

Inaccurate Data

Sales need full control over prospects to maximize any chance of converting them.  

Does your existing tech stack provide holistic views?  

Choosing integrations that sync with your core database such as SalesForce will ensure all activity across your business is informing the main customer hub, therefore nothing gets missed, and sales know they’re making necessary moves at the right time.  

Missing ‘Golden’ Opportunities  

Sales hate to see others win.  

Speed is the key here.  

They can’t waste time searching for leads – they need instant visibility.    

Locating a lead too late is painful, but what’s worst, well, discovering this was locked away by another department because of their siloed data stack.

Stress & Burnout

Sales is a tough gig.

Targets are enough to bring about waves of pressure by themselves.  

So, consider how just one technical glitch or fractured integration could tip people over the edge.  

Creating a harmonized tech stack will streamline functionality, and even power up certain features, both of which ignite sales teams, rather than demoralize them before the day even gets started.  

Limited Communication

They needed the answer to that yesterday!  

Think about businesses with several departments, each using different communication tools.  

How do they reach marketing? Do the finance team still use Slack? Was it HR who preferred email?  

This is no good – choose tools that provide centralised communication for everyone at your business.  

What to Look for in Sales Software

Data Synchronization

Steer clear from tools which can’t sync data into your core ERP system. Using multiple apps will fragment accuracy and leave salespeople questioning where the ‘truth’ is really being held.  

Remote Access

Sales are often out and about meeting prospects, so choose tools powered by the cloud to ensure data is accessible anywhere.  

Integration Capabilities

Find software that integrates with other business-critical tools for a comprehensive software suite with everything they need in the same place.  

Meet Your Angry Sales Staff


First, we have Gary, who is a successful salesperson, and has been for more than 30-years, although it’s been a little tricky getting to grips with sales in the new ‘digital era’.  

There’s always a brand-new tool being introduced, and this has only accelerated with the emergence of AI.  

Why can’t we all use the same software for project management, sharing tasks, and communication!  

Life was so much simpler when the only thing used was a good old-fashioned telephone, and everyone was in the office, every day.  

I don’t mind embracing new tech, but can we please just make things simple – introducing new tools which are meant to make our lives easier often has the opposite effect – they just confuse things more and waste my time!  

Gary wants - a simple, centralised approach to work.  


Priya is slightly newer to the game and wants to make a strong start to her career, which will of course heighten her chances of buying flash new cars and clothes every salesperson needs to ‘look the part’.  

She’s grown up in an era which is used to speed and convenience, what with streaming, limitless food outlets offerings fast deliveries, and social media platforms like TikTok serving tons of videos at rapid speed.  

If she isn’t feeling this same vibe at work, it soon becomes extremely painful.  

Everything needs to be in perfect sync – when manual input is needed just to ensure data is flowing across different software, Priya is fully aware of how much time she’s handing the competition.  

Priya wants – a fast, centralised approach to work.  

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