How To Manage Word, PowerPoint & Excel Docs in NetSuite

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Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files play a vital role in your business operations, facilitating tasks like contract management, financial analysis, and sales presentations, all critical to achieving key objectives.  

As your business scales, the challenge of efficiently managing these files intensifies, from communication hurdles to locating the latest version.  

This underscores the importance of embracing a more integrated collaboration approach, especially if your operations are centred around NetSuite, where crucial customer and financial data influence these documents.  

We'll explore the drawbacks of keeping Microsoft documents separate from NetSuite, and later, present a solution to competing NetSuite apps that streamlines these processes using a single application.

Lost and misfiled...

Locating specific documents typically consumes an average of 18 minutes.

Document-related challenges account for a substantial 21% of organizational productivity loss on average.
(Iron Mountain)  

Approximately 7.5% of documents are prone to getting lost, while an additional 3% face the risk of being misfiled.
(PDF Technologies)

Time to rethink email sharing

‍Choosing to share Microsoft documents through email can lead to version control issues.

Is the most recent file in their possession? Did it find its way to the correct recipient, or is it quietly gathering digital dust in their inbox?

The absence of precise control and visibility into these essential processes can impede productivity, potentially causing individuals to engage with outdated documents if they missed your recent communication addressing such matters.

Accuracy, compliance & peace of mind

NetSuite serves as your 'single source of truth,' ensuring the precise information needed for creating documents with accuracy and compliance.  

However, collaborating with individuals outside your NetSuite ecosystem means they lack the same streamlined access to this crucial data.  

As a result, there's a risk of them assembling documents with incorrect customer details, potentially violating compliance laws.

While conscientious collaborators may request information from you to prevent such occurrences, this still necessitates manual searching on your part, diverting valuable time away from more crucial tasks.

Break free from desktop clutter

Do you ever find yourself saving Microsoft documents here and there on your desktop or stashing them in unstructured folders?

It happens, especially with a lot on your plate, but as you scale, this scattered approach to saving documents can pose challenges.  

Imagine not having to spend your day searching through multiple systems or locations just to find that one document that holds the key to getting things done!

Single source for collaboration!

Workiro creates a smooth working setup for NetSuite users by integrating the Office 365 for the web co-editing experience directly into your system.

Every document, modification, and communication find its rightful place – within NetSuite, your 'single source of truth.'

By streamlining document collaboration, this integration accelerates crucial processes and nips errors in the bud before they can impede productivity.  

Now, let's delve into how this integration operates.

Every move, every file, all in NetSuite!

Every action on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files is automatically logged within your NetSuite ecosystem, providing you with a comprehensive 360-degree view of all activities.

Unlock Word's review mode

Harness Word's review mode to effortlessly track changes, allowing you to seamlessly add or remove comments for suggesting edits.

Seamless NetSuite alignment

Involve all stakeholders in your NetSuite ecosystem to ensure documents align perfectly with customer or financial information from start to finish.

Instant chat linked to your documents

Speed up your editing process with NetSuite live chat linked to your documents. Easily ask questions or resolve queries from fellow stakeholders for quick clarification.  

Revolutionise your NetSuite experience!

Integrate just one enterprise content management app into NetSuite to unlock multiple ground-breaking features that make you happier and more productive every single day.  

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