How To Remotely Collaborate with Every Stakeholder in NetSuite

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In today's fast-paced business environment, remote collaboration across different departments is crucial for ensuring efficiency and achieving organisational goals.  

CEOs are aware of this fact, with 78% of a surveyed group of 669 considering it crucial for long-term business success.  

NetSuite, as a comprehensive cloud-based business management solution, is primed for remote collaboration, with access available from anywhere in the world.

But, what about stakeholders beyond this ecosystem?

Let's delve into the potential pitfalls of collaborating on NetSuite records with individuals who lack the flexibility to do so on the move, and then point you in the right direction.  

Beyond the office...

Among full-time employees, 12.7% engage in remote work, whereas 28.2% adopt a hybrid model.

78% of a group of 669 CEOs say remote collaboration is a must for long-term business success.
(square talk)

Teams that communicate well at work could experience a 25% boost in productivity.

Remote trust trap

Enabling remote work hinges on trusting your team.

When collaborating with stakeholders on a major client, it's vital to have full visibility into their remote activities and hold them accountable when necessary.  

Otherwise, there’s a risk that things may fall through the cracks due to miscommunication.

Chasing people for clarification or context may be slow, especially with multiple stakeholders working remotely, making it challenging to get timely responses.

Slow employee on-boarding

Is your HR department using SuitePeople?

If yes, it's the main hub for employee data, especially during onboarding.

Throughout this process, HR professionals, the new employee, and their department manager communicates, share files, and e-signs documents to complete their part of the journey.

To avoid losing track and maintain accuracy, all activities must be logged in the employee's NetSuite record.  

And without flexible, remote arrangements, the process can take longer due to logistical constraints, especially if certain people only have limited windows of opportunity to come into the office to sign any paperwork.

Supply chain surprises

Imagine you have a production team responsible for fulfilling custom orders for your clients.  

The team relies on inventory management in NetSuite to keep track of raw materials and production schedules.  

Now, during the production process, your team on the factory floor notices a critical issue with a specific raw material - perhaps a supplier has issued a recall, or there's a sudden shortage.

In such a situation, the ability to instantly update customer records becomes crucial.  

Without real-time updates between the production team and the customer service department, who don't have NetSuite access, there's a risk of fulfilling orders with outdated information.  

This could result in delivering products that do not meet the client's expectations or, even worse, using the wrong materials that could lead to product recalls.

NetSuite users, embrace our effortless remote collaboration!

Wondering how to effortlessly bring everyone into the NetSuite environment for remote collaboration?

The solution - cloud-powered NetSuite SuiteApps that offer enterprise content management.

Our all-in-one, unlimited solution natively integrates with NetSuite, offering a range of groundbreaking business tools such as automatic email capture, unlimited cloud document storage, and instant messaging, uniquely converged in one place.

Could this be the key missing piece for your business?

Let's explore.

Content changes on the go

Workiro integrates the Office 365 for the web experience into NetSuite. This enables multiple stakeholders to edit NetSuite-centric content from any location, with all changes automatically saved and associated with customer or company records.

Collaborate on mobile

Workiro is built mobile first, providing stakeholders with a quick and efficient way to access NetSuite-centric activity and data, no matter where they're based.

One globally accessible content repository in NetSuite

We harness NetSuite's cloud power to establish a 'golden source of truth' for all business content, allowing fellow stakeholders to collaborate remotely without ever disconnecting their efforts from your ERP system.

Unlimited, cloud-powered e-signatures

You can generate as many NetSuite e-signatures as you need, wherever you are. All activities are automatically synced with NetSuite databases, ensuring records are consistently accurate and up-to-date.

Reinvent your approach to remote work in NetSuite!

Remote ready?

Enable smooth collaboration for all stakeholders, no matter where they're based - in NetSuite.

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