How To Control The Whole e-Signing Process in NetSuite

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Businesses are heavily reliant on getting things signed.  

If things aren’t signed, namely, contracts, invoices or purchase orders, your flow of cash comes to a brutal and rather frustrating halt.  

And when you consider just how many customers you may have at one time, seeing, controlling and tracking what’s going on can be a tricky ordeal at the best of times.  

We can make this easier for NetSuite users!  

But first, let's explore the fragmented signing processes kept separate from your system and how they can drain your operational efficiency.

Time is money...

An astounding 26% of an office-based employee's day is squandered on administrative chores and unproductive routines.

Inefficient processes can drain a hefty 30% from a company's annual revenue.

A mere 4% of companies actively track and manage their processes.

NetSuite's e-signing conundrum

NetSuite currently doesn't have an electronic signature application, prompting the use of NetSuite integration tools.

But let's take a moment to consider—why go this route?

Operating separately from NetSuite means missing out on recorded data in your ERP, the central 'single source of truth' for your business.

A closer look at your chosen solution might unveil potential drawbacks, challenging the core rationale behind investing in the world's leading cloud software suite.

Navigating your visibility fog

Visibility is key.  

Without this in NetSuite, you find yourself navigating outside the system, traversing through various siloed systems, each holding different fragments of the 'truth.'

The journey typically begins in your inbox, where you initially send the document for a signature, but here's the catch!  

After dispatching the file, how do you ensure the customer received it and read its contents?

It gets a bit awkward as you're left deciding when it's best to follow up—a delicate balance to avoid appearing too aggressive if you reach out too soon and consider the impact of delayed chasing on your cash flow.

Signature status disconnect

Here's another hitch when using software that doesn't sync with NetSuite - the status of each signature becomes disconnected from your customer records.  

Now, you're stuck with tedious manual work—checking your list in the isolated app and then updating the same in NetSuite.

With a pile of tasks on your plate, there's a chance you could even forget to manually track signature statuses on the app, resulting in outdated NetSuite records.

This, in turn, could result in inaccurate accounts of your business finances—a red flag for auditors during their checks.

Integrate and relax!

Having a third-party application handle e-signing is perfectly fine; it just needs to be snugly integrated into NetSuite.  

Enter Workiro!

Our SuiteApp smoothly embeds into NetSuite, capturing every interaction, document, and signature status neatly linked to your customer records.  

This makes managing the entire process a breeze without the hassle of time-consuming manual interventions.

And we throw in unlimited e-signing functionality, so you can ditch any worries about hitting monthly caps!

Let's dive into how our NetSuite e-signatures can simplify your life.

Automatic real-time signature syncing

Workiro automatically syncs every request and completed signature in NetSuite. This ensures you have an up-to-the-minute view of which files have been signed, all within your module.

All-in-one productivity suite

Our comprehensive suite enables you to efficiently handle contract sending, tracking, and follow-up task management within your NetSuite environment.

Put your brand in the spotlight

Your brand takes the centre stage on every document, making it the focal point of attention and recognition.  

Easy template assignment

Streamline your workflow by utilizing predefined templates, ensuring consistency, and assigning them effortlessly to the appropriate individuals.

Expand your NetSuite capabilities with a range of power-up features!

Are you looking to seriously power up your NetSuite system?  

We have packed our cloud enterprise content management with tons of trailblazing productivity features, giving NetSuite users all the tools they need to be happier and more productive.  

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