How To Manage The Entire Contract Lifecycle in NetSuite

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Contracts must be perfect.  

Failing to manage accurate documents could lead to legal issues, and poorly designed visuals might harm your professional image, which is crucial for gaining and keeping customer trust.

Many businesses store contracts in NetSuite, but what about the process before they're filed away in the world’s #1 cloud software suite?

Keeping the entire contract life cycle in NetSuite often lacks a simple way to link the editing phase directly with NetSuite records.

Let's first look at the risks of keeping contract changes outside of NetSuite, and later, we'll explain how one integration can solve these issues once and for all.

Profit drain alert...

Weak contract management remains a persistent factor, causing a substantial 9% loss to companies' bottom lines.

46% of contract pros find teamwork tricky due to too many manual tasks.

Over 10% of a company's contracts have either gone missing or been lost.  

Version vortex

NetSuite is your ‘single source of truth’, yet many businesses undermine this eutopia by using multiple tools siloed from their system.  

When it comes to editing contracts, it can be challenging to know which is the most recent document version if they’re stored in several locations.  

For instance, the sales team might be using 'Contract Final' which is stored in Salesforce, when they should be using 'Contract Final (1)' - while the former contains some past changes, the latter supersedes them.  

Customer clarity

Contracts often contain customer information stored solely in NetSuite.

For NetSuite users, understanding proposed changes from other departments is straightforward because they have access to this data.  

However, the situation is different when roles are reversed!

If you lack visibility into customer information, making well-informed changes based on the latest data becomes challenging.  

This may result in a flurry of messages back and forth as non-NetSuite users try to grasp the data you're referring to and its impact on the contract's content.

Inbox scavenger hunt

When contract edits happen outside NetSuite, they often end up in emails.  

But emails have issues — no end-to-end encryption means your sensitive information can be exposed, and professionals deal with tons of messages daily.  

Searching through your inbox for the latest contract version and related communication eats up time, causing stress, especially when deadlines approach quickly.

Headache-free contract editing in NetSuite!

Workiro offers a simple solution to potential headaches - integrate PDF editing into your NetSuite experience, bringing all stakeholders into your ecosystem.

Now, everyone has access to the latest version, enabling them to align their efforts directly with customer records for impeccable accuracy from start to finish.

Discover the core benefits of using our PDF markup tool for NetSuite.

No more email communication

Enhance your collaboration process by keeping PDFs conveniently stored in NetSuite throughout the entire editing journey, ensuring a seamless experience.

Clear & easy to understand suggestions

Highlight complete sentences, incorporate informative notes, text boxes, or straightforward visual cues to provide unambiguous and user-friendly suggestions.

One place for every action

Enhance your document management process by seamlessly tracking changes, preserving a comprehensive document history, and minimizing future confusion.

Rapid navigation

Access and review past annotations with just a simple click on corresponding comments, conveniently organized within an intuitive pane for a smoother and more user-friendly experience.

Unleash the full potential of NetSuite!

Workiro brings a multitude of productivity tools into the NetSuite ecosystem well beyond just PDF markup!  

Stop using multiple NetSuite 3rd party applications to get processes done, and instead, embrace the power of our truly integrated enterprise content management app, helping you become happier and more productive.  

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