5 Simple Tips to Launch Your NetSuite Projects

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Are you preparing for a new project in NetSuite?

Or maybe you need some quick refreshers?

Here are some of the simplest things to know.

#1 How to setup project manager in NetSuite

You need to enable the Project Management feature in NetSuite.

Also enable the Advanced Billing Feature if this will also be required during your projects.

Now create a new Project Record.

#2 How to create a project record in NetSuite 

First, go to Lists then click Relationships then Customers then View.  

Click Create New and select the Project option.  

Now enter your primary information, by firstly selecting the form you want used for this record in the Custom Form field.  

You can now either select Standard Project Form, Custom Forms previously created or create new custom project forms by clicking Customise.  

Enter the name of your project in the Project Name field.  

Now select the status of your project by clicking Status field.  

Create a new status by clicking Setup then Accounting then Accounting Lists then New and then select Project Status.  

Now enter the estimated date work will begin on this project by clicking Project Dates and then Start Date.  

Enter the relevant information for this project in Email and Phone Subtabs.  

Now click the Relationships Subtab then Contacts and select your contacts involved with this project.  

Now click the Communication Subtab and enter Phone Calls, CRM Tasks, events, attach files, and create user notes.  

Now enter your billing and shipping addresses into the Address Subtab.  

Click Save.

#3 How to attach contacts to NetSuite projects

First, go to Lists, then click Relationships, and then click Customers.

Now select the project you want to attach contacts by clicking Edit.

Select Contact in the Contact field.

You can create new contact records by clicking New Contact.

Now give your contact project responsibility by selecting what is most appropriate in the Role field.

Now click Attach.

Finally,click Save.

#4 How to create milestones in NetSuite projects

Head to Lists,then click Relationships, and then Projects.

Now select the name of the project you want amended.

Now click New Milestone on the Schedule tab.

Give your new NetSuite project milestone a name.

Now click on the Predecessors tab, then select a Predecessor Task and Type.

Click Add.

Click Save after you have added all your predecessors.

#5 How to see all communication during NetSuite projects

Integrate Workiro with your NetSuite projects to establish a centralised communication hub.

Our NetSuite live chat feature and NetSuite Outlook integration stores all participant communication against your records, eliminating messaging silos that delay important processes.

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