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We’ve learned that we’re not the only ones who struggle to fully unlock the power of our NetSuite system, stay educated, and get help quickly when we need it.

So, we’ve pulled together a hit list of our favourite resources and go-to places that cover everything from best practices, documentation, support, help, learning, news and networking - all in one place.

Get Help or Solve A Problem

  • NetSuite Help Center - Available in context via the Help button in NetSuite, it’s worth book-marking in it’s own right, particularly if you’re a fan of a classic PDF User Guide.
  • NetSuite SuiteAnswers - NetSuite's self-service support site has decades of helpful content and guidance to search across - it’s rare not to find at least one answer to any question.
  • NetSuite Support Community - With nearly 40k members and 250k contributions, the official NetSuite community wins on numbers - plenty of people to reply when you ‘Ask a guru’!
  • Online User Groups - Official and unofficial gatherings of highly informed and well-intentioned users, admins, professionals and partners. It’s rare for a well worded question to remain unanswered for more than a few minutes … and you can pick your platform of choice, or all of them.


  • NetSuite Learning Center - A great resource for personal development, it’s surprising that it’s not sign-posted in more locations. Choose from a big collection of learning paths to become an expert in, well, anything it seems …
  • NetSuite SuiteAnswers Videos - SuiteAnswers isn’t just there to save the day when you’re stuck on something in particular, it’s a great source of bitesize video learning content for you and your team.
  • NetSuite Suite Fundamentals - On demand demos of some of the biggest challenges that NetSuite modules can solve.
  • NetSuite On Air & On Demand - An amalgamation of content from all events, including SuiteWorld keynotes, breakout sessions and product demos.
  • NetSuite ‘A New Age of Growth’ - A series of informative and action-stirring webinars designed in help us all grow with NetSuite.
  • NetSuite CPE Credits - Certain NetSuite learning content even helps you stay on top of your professional education.

Meet Up

  • NetSuite Customer Meet Up - A virtual series of events run by NetSuite, specifically designed to keep customers informed and create a place to ‘Meet experts. Learn with peers. Build your network’.
  • Regional User Groups - From Atlanta to Wisconsin, there are a healthy number of independent regional user groups running regular get-togethers with informative content, some of which are exclusively virtual and open to all.
  • NetSuite SuiteWorld - The annual shin-dig in Las Vegas where prospects, customers and partners all join NetSuite to learn, grow and have some fun, with the majority of content also streamed live via NetSuite TV and On Demand via SuiteWorld On Air for those that can’t attend.

Extend & Enhance NetSuite

  • NetSuite SuiteCloud Documentation - It’s truly amazing how far NetSuite can take you out-of-the-box, and then you add the ability to customize, without limits - seriously, stop!
  • NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace - A showcase for a wide array of trusted add-ons, extensions and plugins that extend the power of NetSuite to help you, your team and your business achieve virtually anything.

Stay Informed

In the absence of a specific problem to solve, or an impressive selfless desire to help others, it’s all too easy to fall out of touch with what's going on. With a couple of easy subscriptions though, staying in-the-know becomes habit…

  • NetSuite Social Channels - the easiest way to keep up to speed with what NetSuite themselves are talking about, which is usually a good steer for what’s happening more broadly in the ecosystem.
  • NetSuite SuiteBeat Newsletter - NetSuite's LinkedIn Newsletter contains the latest product announcements, relevant news and helpful insights.
  • NetSuite Community Notifications - Following specific categories and conversations in the community is great way to keep a finger on the pulse with email updates - search for one or more categories most relevant to you and click the notification icon to start your subscription(s).
  • NetSuite Podcast (Spotify) or (Apple)- Soak up the latest from NetSuite and their customers whilst doing other things, with a back-catalog to keep you busy for a while.

First Steps

Not sure where to start with that long old list? Here’s what we did on the day we wrote this article:

Your Feedback

If you think we’re missing something helpful from our list, do let us know, and we’ll do our best to incorporate it.

If our list hasn’t helped you find what you’re looking for, then feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Jason Ross
VP of Channels and Partnerships
Jason has 15 years of expertise in software engineering and data science to optimise channels, forge collaborations, and create innovative solutions.