5 Reasons NetSuite Customers Choose to Integrate with Workiro

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NetSuite has a multitude of features that has helped to cement it as a class-leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. It’s highly customisable, functional system can be tailored and developed to suit the most unique of business needs. 

And, most importantly, it is compatible with third-party technology partners through its SuiteApp store, which enables it to elegantly expand upon its own functionality. This provides a quick and easy route for NetSuite users to enhance existing features, as well as add additional features that may be crucial to their business goals. 

We have previously explored the most popular Workiro features for NetSuite users, and how they are used to solve specific problems or gaps that NetSuite users face.

But why, specifically, do NetSuite users choose to partner with Workiro?

NetSuite and Workiro customer Fenetti experienced unprecedented demand during the pandemic. They had this to say about why they chose to implement GetBusy into NetSuite:

“Workiro is the perfect solution for us, it slotted straight into NetSuite. NetSuite is great and you have all the data you need there, but you can’t pull that data into a system where someone knows what they need to do to solve that problem. It allows us to pull certain problems into funnels and put the right people in place to solve them.” 
Richard Totman, Director, Fenetti

We know that each individual business will have its own unique needs and reasons for integrating Workiro software.

However, there are some fundamental values inherent in Workiro that garner the trust required among NetSuite users.

In this blog, we explore why NetSuite users trust Workiro enough to choose their integration...

Why does Workiro integrate so well with NetSuite?

Workiro is equipped with features that are firm favourites among its users. 

In addition to these powerful features, there are other reasons that NetSuite users trust Workiro as their integration partner: 

  1. Workiro provides an excellent employee experience
  2. Workiro can be implemented and adopted quickly
  3. Workiro has no limits
  4. Workiro integrates with multiple partners
  5. Workiro is a trusted enterprise

Let’s explore these more to understand the reason we are trusted alongside NetSuite...

1. Workiro provides an excellent employee experience...

Future Workplace defines employee experience as: “the sum of all experiences an employee has with their employer over the duration of their relationship”.

And as business models shifts to a focus on home-working, it’s crucial that businesses focus on employee experience to bolster productivity, morale and mental wellbeing. 

Adding multiple complexities in the form of technology is not conducive to a positive employee experience. In fact, the goal is the opposite – streamlined and simple solutions to the everyday workload.

Workiro integrates seamlessly with NetSuite to help users achieve the all too crucial, positive employee experience through simple and intuitive, yet powerful software design.

Firstly it has a clean and intuitive interface. When a new feature is introduced it will be easy-to-use and clearly marked so users know functionality has been added. 

In addition, it has cross-platform applications that extend to  multiple devices including: 

  • NetSuite itself: you can use the Workiro integration in your NetSuite browser session
  • Workiro desktop apps: built for Mac and Windows
  • Workiro mobile app: native apps for Apple and Android devices that can be used on the go, or as a notification centre.
  • Private view: if your customer does not have a Workiro account you can create a workflow via email so that they can see the process in a secure mini version of Workiro that does not require an account.

Ultimately the Workiro integrates easily into users’ existing work processes and makes employees' lives easier. 

2. Workiro can be implemented and adopted quickly

People are one of the main components of implementing a new software system. If you cannot get your employees to embrace and adopt new software, then it will fail – no matter how many features it has and what functionality it is capable of. 

So, as part of the employee experience mentioned previously, it’s imperative that new software is simple to implement and use so that it can be quickly adopted by employees. 

Most businesses have multiple projects that are fighting for priority, and deadlines lined up for the year. It’s easy to think that there is no time or resources available to implement a new system. 

However, with an implementation process of just a couple of days, Workiro can skip to the front of the queue and be up and running imminently. 

Plus, when it comes to staff training and adoption it’s a simple to use, self-organising engine that requires minimal customisation. 

Of course, like anything new in business, it will need to be managed well from a change perspective, however, there are no challenging learning curves for employees to overcome. 

3. Workiro has no limits

Of course, Workiro can’t do the work for you, but it can improve and streamline the process of completing work. 

When it comes to usage, Workiro comes with a simple unlimited plan that is charged per internal team member. 

There are no limits to space or number of transactions, so it can expand and scale as your business does.

4. Workiro integrates with multiple partners

With Workiro there is no need to switch applications. It connects and works with the most popular work apps on the market, allowing users to do exceptional work no matter what tech is used.

As part of the Workiro subscription, users have access to a whole host of possible integrations. One of the most popular is the ever-evolving NetSuite Hybrid SuiteApp. 

However that is not the only possibility, and some of our other in-demand integrations include:

  • Outlook: Create Workiro tasks directly from an email
  • Google Chrome: open a Workiro connection from any web application
  • Zapier: automate your workflow ie. start a new Workiro task from a slack message or Trello board

The role of Workiro is to facilitate a flawless business experience, without forcing technology changes upon its users. This is why it was created to slot seamlessly into, and even improve the usability of any existing tech.

Find out more about the Workiro integrations here

5. Workiro is a trusted enterprise

Workiro has been in the document management and portal space for over 20 years, with over 1 million users of its online platforms across the UK, US and ANZ. 

Workiro is not only built to fulfil the latest technological needs, but it has security embedded into its designs and offers encryption as standard.

Testing our products to make sure that they offer a simple and secure experience is part of our DNA and continues to bolster the trust that our users have the Workiro software. 

Ready to learn more about Workiro and NetSuite integration?

Whilst Workiro’s features are powerful, ultimately it takes more than features to build a long-lasting partnership with NetSuite and its users. 

That’s why we’ve created a simple-to-use, intuitive software system that improves employee satisfaction and works with the tech you already love to use. And it’s this that’s allowed us to create strong relationships, rooted in trust with our NetSuite users. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Workiro can integrate with your existing NetSuite subscription and would like to explore this further then you can schedule a demo with one of our dedicated NetSuite team.

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