How to make any working relationship successful

Successful relationships are a foundation of successful businesses and teams  

Imagine what could be accomplished if everyone within the team worked together in perfect harmony, and every customer interaction, request or requirement was fulfilled exceptionally.

How do people and relationships affect us?

We all want the people we work with and for to be amazed by what we do for them. You want customers to love you, stay with you, and recommend you. You want colleagues to respect and appreciate us.

Equally, we all want the people we rely on to amaze us.  You want customers to help you help them, and you want colleagues that are dependable and responsive to our needs.

There's so much we all try to do and be in order to get to this magical place where everything just works. That includes needing to be:

  • organised
  • responsive
  • empathetic
  • well-intentioned
  • timely
  • concise
  • open
  • informed
  • available
  • fearless

The list goes on! 

We can't all be all of these things to all people all of the time

We’re only human. And, whilst the conviction to try and climb this mountain is admirable, we don't often have the support we need to succeed.  When we do succeed, it's usually through a combination of exceptional effort, brute force and perhaps a bit of luck.  

As humans, it’s natural for us to all at some point:

  • forget and miss things - whether it's the thing we said we'd do for a customer, or the team mate that needs help with something
  • procrastinate - leaving it too long before acknowledging and responding to the needs of others, which isn't exclusive to when we are uncertain or confused
  • think about ourselves - it's hard not to, but we're all too quick to let it influence what we do and how we do it
  • don't bother - we're only human and we're busy, tired humans struggling to make an effort sometimes
  • do things too slowly - how often do we get the opportunity to do the right thing at the right time?
  • make things complicated - tangents, irrelevance and distractions creep into what we do that sometimes it's hard to remember what actually needs to be done
  • leave others in the dark - we know we should let them know, but we don't, or don't want to, or do we even know? Easier to keep schtum
  • feel in the dark - it's hard enough to keep track of and understand what we have to do, let alone what others are doing or not doing
  • go dark - when it all gets too much we lock ourselves away so that we can be selfish and focus - people will just have to wait
  • brick it - run away from something that looks or smells like it's out of our comfort zone and hope someone else will deal with it

Relationships depend on trust

Every tiny example of these (and more) erodes trust.  Trust is born from action - it's born from the things you do and how you do them. Relationships depend on that trust - trust from others that we've got their back, and we're doing what they need in the best way that we can, even if that means we can't do it exactly when or how they want.

What can you do?

GetBusy has your back. As a smart work management app, GetBusy works hard to help you stay on top of what you need to do and with whom.  It makes sure things don't fall through the cracks so that you don't have to. 

It's super organised, structured, but flexible; it's well-intentioned and helpful, supports you to be responsive and timely, creates a place where everyone is encouraged to be concise, is open by default, and keeps you and others up to date.  GetBusy is all these things for you, allowing you to effortlessly build strong trust and nurture exceptional relationships - because you shouldn't have to work so hard to try and be them.

To start nurturing and managing your working relationships better, book a GetBusy demo or consultation with one of our experts. Make your work-life easier today.

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