How To Create Flawless Audit Trails in NetSuite

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NetSuite is often the ‘single source of truth’ for critical business information.

The importance of customer or company records stored in NetSuite cannot be overstated, as they directly impact your service, cash flow, and future business planning.  

However, some businesses opt to keep historical activities, like financial transactions and contractual agreements, isolated from NetSuite.

This separation becomes a significant challenge when you need to closely examine customer complaints, legal cases, or anything else associated with NetSuite records.

Searching through multiple systems to locate past conversations and dates of shared content is a time-consuming process, with no guarantee of finding the required information.

We’re going to delve into the real risks associated with disconnecting business activity from NetSuite records and explore ways to eliminate this detrimental bottleneck.

Audit inferno...

All private companies with an annual turnover over £10.2m or assets exceeding £5.1m must undergo mandatory financial auditing.
(Xeinadin Group)

Failure to establish clear historical accountability may lead to ISO 27001 penalties, including fines of up to €10 million or 2% of global annual turnover.

An "immediate" response is deemed essential or very important by 90% of customers when they have a customer service question.

Recipe for customer service disaster

When your visibility is strongly associated with NetSuite, keeping track of data across your business becomes a real challenge.

It results in a lack of evidence regarding who accessed specific information, when it occurred, and occasionally, the reasons behind the access.

This information gap becomes particularly problematic when addressing customer disputes.

In the event of a customer raising a concern, it becomes crucial to identify the stakeholders involved in the emerging issues.

Their participation often holds the key to unlocking the insights needed to address and resolve disgruntled customer situations effectively.

Unreachable company audit data

Is your business audited annually?

Consolidating all your business activity in NetSuite has become crucial.  

Finding missing information during financial record examinations can be stressful, so imagine the challenge of getting input from hard-to-reach stakeholders.

If they're unresponsive during the audit, the process could grind to an immediate halt.

Worse, their lack of cooperation might be the reason for an unsuccessful audit, bringing financial penalties, reputational damage, and lower employee morale.

Fractured project reviews

To enhance your operational efficiency in the future, it may be necessary to conduct a comprehensive review of completed projects to see what worked well, and if compliance measures were upheld during the whole process.

However, without a transparent and comprehensive audit trail capturing all activities from all participants involved in the project, any analysis is likely to be fragmented, providing an incomplete picture of the overall project dynamics.

Audit-proof your business with Workiro

You require one, reliable system for your business, serving as the 'single source of truth' without sacrificing productivity.

Workiro's native netsuite erp integration seamlessly expands NetSuite's capabilities to external stakeholders, empowering them to accomplish tasks efficiently, while automatically documenting their efforts in NetSuite.

Let's explore this a little further.  

Integrated with NetSuite and beyond

We integrate tons of business tools such as unlimited document storage, Microsoft co-editing and automatic email capture seamlessly into your NetSuite ecosystem, ensuring enhanced productivity while keeping a transparent record of all activity across your business.

No more disconnected chats

Keep all communication in one central place to avoid oversight, and easily access past conversations for instant context when troubleshooting.

One place for all stakeholders

Collaborate seamlessly with your team members, customers, and partners, all within the convenience of a single application – natively embedded in NetSuite.  

Everything gets stored against NetSuite records

Every task completed in Workiro is directly stored with your NetSuite records, ensuring this remains the ‘single source of truth’ for your business.  

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Workiro not only coalesces your business activities, but also acts as the catalyst for a remarkable 10x boost in operational efficiency.

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