How To See the Full Picture During NetSuite Projects

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Projects are critical to your success as a business.  

If they fall apart, time and recourse is wasted, causing financial loss, poor customer service, and reputational damage.  

NetSuite is often a key proponent behind projects, acting as the single source of truth for customer data and documents, but consider how this only holds part of the overall picture.  

Not everyone you collaborate with during projects works in NetSuite, causing your system to be riddled with data blind spots.  

Let's explore the real pitfalls behind projects with only some of the information you need stored in NetSuite, and then, we’ll explain the easiest way to sort this.  

Project pitfalls

Last year, 70% of companies experienced at least one failed project.
Project Management Works  

37% of project failure is from a lack of clear goals.
Team Stage

Poor communication is the main reason for project failure a third of the time.

Dust collecting documents

NetSuite holds your project documents, but does it track the related communications?  

Without this, grasping the nature of each document's lifecycle becomes a challenge.  

This gap could lead to tasks being assigned incorrectly.

It's crucial to know who interacted with documents, how they engaged, and the reasons behind their engagement.  

Without this insight, a document in NetSuite may remain inactive, lacking the ability to push your project across the finish line.

Communication black holes

Using different communication tools alongside NetSuite for projects leads to scattered and isolated messages.  

A crucial piece of information, vital for progressing in your project, could be hidden in any of these messages.  

Searching through platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and emails can consume a lot of your valuable time, time better spent on more critical tasks.  

Moreover, if you can't find what you're looking for, asking others for help further delays progress, interrupting not just your work but also that of other team members involved in the project.

Slow project decision making

Without a complete view of your project in NetSuite, making swift decisions is tough.  

Sometimes, just one missing detail can delay tasks that could have been finished today, rather than tomorrow.  

Only by having a full overview can you make quick, significant decisions that can save a lot of time by allowing you to adjust resources and deadlines proactively.

Workiro connects all project communication in NetSuite

Clear and streamlined communication is key to project success.  

That's why our NetSuite SuiteApp features integrated live chat, creating a central hub for all your project-related messages and documents, whether stakeholders use NetSuite or not.  

This ensures all communications are saved directly within NetSuite records, giving you a complete view during your projects.  

Below are some major advantages of using our live chat feature for NetSuite projects.

No more siloed communication

Say goodbye to endless emails and scattered messaging tools – now, you can talk to everyone involved in a project right inside the NetSuite ecosystem. It's your go-to 'single source of truth' for all project communications!

Push notifications

Stakeholders receive instant push notifications about urgent project tasks, so you don't have to manually remind them as important deadlines approach. This keeps everyone promptly informed and on track.  

Powered by the cloud

Communication can be sent to NetSuite records from any device, anywhere in the world, allowing people to get their important work done without being limited by logistical constraints.

Safe & secure

Sensitive project information is kept safe with strong end-to-end encryption, which is not typically found in regular email communication.

Propel your projects in NetSuite

Add the missing ingredient you need to complete projects in NetSuite without endless chasing and confusion – live chat.  

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