10 Easy NetSuite Tips for Beginners

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Are you new to NetSuite, or simply looking for a quick review of the basics?  

Discover some simple and essential features to get started.

#1 How to find NetSuite account id

Your NetSuite ID can be found at the beginning of your unique NetSuite URL.

#2 How to add a user in NetSuite

Log into NetSuite as the Administrator.

Click Lists then Employees then Employees New.

Give your new user a name and email address to log into NetSuite.

Click Access Subtab.

Tick the Give Access Box.

Set up a new password for the new users.

(Option One) Tick Send Notification Email

(Option Two) Tick Require Password Change on Next Log In

Assign your new user a role and click Add.

Click Save.

#3 How to change NetSuite password

First, go to your NetSuite home screen and click on the Settings portlet.

Next, choose Change Password and type in your current NetSuite password.

Enter your new password in the New Password field.

Make sure your new password follows the NetSuite password guidelines.

After it's approved, retype your new password in the Confirm New Password field.

Click Save.

The next time you log into NetSuite, use your new password.

#4 How to create a saved search in NetSuite

Start by going to Reports.

Click on Saved Searches, then All Saved Searches, and finally New.

Choose the type of search you want.

In the ID field, enter an ID starting with the prefix _nspbcs_

Tick the Public Box.

Add filters under the Criteria subtab.

Add columns under the Results subtab.

Click Save.

#5 How to approve journal entries in NetSuite

First, go to Transactions, then click Financial, then click Approve Journal Entries.

Now look at the Approve Column found next to the entries awaiting approval and click Mark All to approve them.

Click Save.

#6 How to view journal entries in NetSuite 

First, go to Transactions, then click Financial, then Make Journal Entries and then List.  

#7 How to create a report in NetSuite 

Click New Report on either the Reports Page or Reports Tab Menu.  

Select the Metric you want to be reported on your New Report List.  

Now enter a custom title for your new report.  

Now set the criteria for your report, by firstly selecting the field.  

Then select the format for your report.

Then select how you want your report to be subtotalled.  

And finally, select how want data to be summarized across columns.  

#8 How to select a root record in NetSuite analytics 

First, click the Analytics Subtab.  

Then click Datasets Subtab and then New Dataset.  

Then select a record type.  

#9 How to adjust inventory in netsuite

First, go to Transactions, then click Inventory, and then click Adjust Inventory.

You now have access to your Inventory Adjustment page.

The following sections can now be given set field values:

Primary information



#10 How to add NetSuite to office 365 app 

The Workiro NetSuite SuiteApp is the easiest way to bring the Office 365 co-editing experience into NetSuite.  

Residing natively in your NetSuite system, you can collaborate on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in real-time with all stakeholders.  

All edits are stored against NetSuite records, with revisions instantly attributed to the stakeholder that made the changes.  

Make your NetSuite processes even easier  

Do you want a truly connected working environment for all your collaboration and communication, natively integrated into your NetSuite system?  

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