Change Made Simple; Turbocharge Contract Reviews with Our NetSuite PDF Integration

Change Made Simple; Turbocharge Contract Reviews with Our NetSuite PDF Integration

Team Workiro
May 24, 2023

NetSuite users.  

PDFs are a permanent thing, right?  

We think differently.  

Before they’re stored inside the World’s #1 Cloud Business Software Suite - they must be accurate.

Here’s yet another third-party app you don’t need for NetSuite!  

Our cloud content management system now combines NetSuite PDF markup alongside document control, sharing tasks, communication, and e-signatures.  

Here’s why our latest feature is a must.  

Less Reliance on Emails

Reducing the number of apps used is a key objective for team Workiro.  

Why use multiple apps when you can purchase one which does everything you need?  

This sentiment certainly applies to communication, so we've made it possible for collaboration on PDFs with fellow team members or external collaborators such as vendors or clients, whether they're also inside NetSuite, or solely using the Workiro app.

This eliminates back and forth over email, which in case you weren’t aware, doesn’t often come with end-to-end encryption.  

Such imperative security measures are vital for contracts, which always demand compliant handling and distribution.

For more insight into the perils of email and how to educate your own staff into becoming more resilient to data loss, check out our FREE Data Loss Prevention Webinar.  

Faster Document Approval

Speed is often a business deal breaker.  

Contracts must be signed swiftly to launch projects - the longer these remain in editing, the longer it takes for people to sign on the dotted line.  

Wipe long winded review processes with a smart navigation bar, which instantly transports you to editing suggestions made by fellow collaborators.  

Or, if that’s still too lengthy for your liking, simply enter keywords you know relate to specific content, and you’ll be accessing this before you next blink.  

It’s also a powerful way to collate all previous action which took place, handing you a harmonized sequence that helps contextualize who made what change and when.  

Clear and Concise Feedback

We’re here to reduce back and forth, not increase this.  

With a suite of editing tools at your disposal, it’s now much simpler to add suggestions, using the most appropriate prompts in relation to what you’re critiquing.  

Everything happens in the same place, making it easier to pick up where someone left off, safe in the knowledge that changes have always been implemented on the very same document.  

This eliminates confusion about which versions should be re-worked, helping to further guarantee any contracts are completed accurately, with suggestions and alterations made where necessary along a coherent journey of collaboration.  

Not happy with changes made?

Version control is active from start to finish, helping you instantly revert to previous iterations.  

What Does the Workiro Editing Suite Include?

Red lining

Strike entire sentences to indicate the severity of its exclusion.  


Add written messages to elaborate your thinking.


Use a variety of shapes to bring instant attention to one specific area.

Text Boxes

Write your suggested text on the document itself.

Everything You Need for Precision PDF Editing

Document Management

Manage unlimited PDFs inside NetSuite – we like to think of ourselves as ‘File Cabinet but supercharged’.  

Task Management

Place PDFs into consolidated tasks, only inviting people who should be collaborating on their content.  


Real-time chat means you can seamlessly prompt people to check your very latest revisions.  


Stamp legally complaint, branded e-signatures on approved PDFs – at no extra cost.  

Power Up NetSuite Today

Take a much deeper dive into the power of Workiro’s PDF markup integration for NetSuite.

Team Workiro
Follow team Workiro for actionable work tips, how they apply to real-life scenarios, and take a deeper dive into our supercharged enterprise content management system, which seamlessly integrates with NetSuite.

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