What is Version Control?

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Everything you Need to Know About Document Version Control

You’ve finally got to the end of that all-day report you’ve been working on, only to find out that the document you were working on wasn’t the most up to date version. At best you're frustrated, at worst you've missed a deadline and put the company at risk.

That’s where document version control comes in. But what is version control and how can it benefit you and your employees?

What is Document Version Control?

Document version control is the management of different versions of a document. Version control software works to combine and keep track of document revisions, allowing a remote team to work collaboratively and help to avoid people working from an out-of-date version.

Not only does document version control help to reduce time wasted due to versioning issues, but it also helps managers to gain insight into which team members made specific changes to allow them to give credit where credit is due.

The Advantages of Version Control

Not only does Version Control reduce frustration at work (we’ve all wanted to throw our laptop out of the window due to versioning issues at one point), there are some other enormous benefits when you implement version control software. These include:

·       Increased team collaboration

·       Reduced conflicts of work

·       The document can be found in a central location, rather than having to search through email chains

·       All changes can be tracked

·       The full document history is available

Version control allow teams to easily work more collaboratively. It also allows the full history of the document to be traced, so everyone has an overview of who is doing what in a project.

How to Implement a Version Control System

Now you’re aware of the benefits of version control systems, you’re sure to want to implement it in your business.

Workiro has got document version control built in as standard. With unlimited file sharing and a team collaboration app, worrying about version control is a thing of the past.

When you send a file using Workiro, you can rest assured you’re always viewing the most up-to-date version, your precious time won’t be wasted, and any risk around using out of date information is eradicated.

With the ability to create team projects, you can work collaboratively with your colleagues, sharing project documents in one central location, so you don’t have to search through hundreds of email chains to find it when you’re ready to start working on it (which also increases the risk of working on the wrong version!).

For more information on, and imagery of Workiro's built in version control system, please visit this help page.

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