NetSuite Integration Guide. Say Hello to the New Workiro SuiteApp

NetSuite Integration Guide. Say Hello to the New Workiro SuiteApp

Ellen Cato
May 26, 2021

The Workiro SuiteApp offers a new toolset to NetSuite users, aimed at saving your team time and upping productivity.

As was the case for many other businesses, in 2020 the GetBusy team transitioned into a home-working model. From our home offices, we have been able to work just as efficiently as before. How? Partly this was down to our cloud-based ERP, which meant we weren’t tied to an on-premises system. Yes, that’s right. Here at GetBusy, we use NetSuite ourselves as a part of our accounting solutions.

This puts us and our software offering in a unique position. We have a deep understanding of the opportunities surrounding users experiences within NetSuite, which we used our software to address internally.

From here, offering an integration to address other NetSuite users’ needs seemed obvious.

What are the benefits?

With the click of a button, you can add a new level of efficiency to your NetSuite use.

The key NetSuite benefits when it comes to GetBusy integration is the increased control over relationships. This means that your NetSuite relationships, such as Customer, Vendor and Partner records, all come with the option to Open in GetBusy. This either:

• Opens a pre-existing relationship record in GetBusy
• Or creates a new connection in GetBusy

From this record, you then have more control over past conversations, you can store files directly against the relationship, and even view all active tasks against that relationship. Making everything easier to manage versus flicking through several different software suites.

In addition to this, there are several other ways that GetBusy can improve your workflow:

• Click and drop any file up to 200MB, with no storage limits
• Easy recall of documentation
• Integrate with Outlook to store conversations too
• Prioritise tasks to save time
• Capture e-signatures easily and from anyone
• Communicate with anyone – inside or outside your organisation, no subscription required.

All of this is aimed at reducing confusing workloads, streamlining everything into one place so that you don’t miss out on key tasks or deadlines. And better yet, it does so in the simplest way possible. Our interface is clean and doesn’t require a five-hour course to learn. Open up and get started straight away!

Installation is simple, so please contact the team if you want to be granted access to the GetBusy SuiteApp.

Launch any Vendor record in Workiro at the touch of a button.

What types of business does this work for?

The number of companies that use NetSuite is wide: media and publishing, wholesale retail, education solutions, financial services, food and beverage suppliers, energy companies, etc. Due to its wide application, NetSuite is a cloud solution that can be applied across numerous industries successfully.

The Workiro SuiteApp is designed to make the management of work and relationships in NetSuite smoother, no matter the industry. Used by over 8,000 teams worldwide, it successfully helps manage files, e-signatures, and tasks across multiple platforms. All available as a low-cost, easy-to-integrate solution.

For more information on how this could help your team, book a demo today. We can help you discover how the Workiro SuiteApp can transform your NetSuite experience.

Official Workiro/NetSuite integration launch press release can be found here.

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