Power Up Your Team’s Productivity with 5 New Features from Workiro

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Team Workiro has powered through 2023, transforming the way people work with tons of ground-breaking new features, each delivering essential capabilities that make you happier and more productive every single day.

Our enterprise content management app has transformed into the ultimate collaborative experience, fuelled by the limitless power of the cloud, enabling professionals to deliver exceptional work from any corner of the world with ease.

By using our integrated suite of innovative tools, you can seamlessly fill in any gaps while keeping your business data in one place, without the hassle of managing multiple applications with limited features.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the emerging power of Workiro...

#1 Chrome extension

Our extension seamlessly integrates with multiple web applications, enabling you to transition from a record in another system to its corresponding entry in Workiro.

Highly configurable, start performing rapid Workiro actions directly related to specific records, whether it's creating a new task for the client record you're currently engaged with or streamlining your workflow.

Web app integration made simple:
Easily integrated with multiple web applications, allowing you to connect with CRMs, project management systems (PM), or ERP systems for easier to access to your data across different platforms.  

Instantly map your data to Workiro:
Train our extension to extract data from any webpage, be it from the URL or fields on the page and map that information directly to Workiro fields.    

One-click task creation:
Simply highlight and right-click on any webpage to initiate a Workiro task for a client, or a reminder for yourself, all whilst integrating with data found in a separate system.  

Create new connections in a snap: 
Discover email addresses on a webpage, and with a simple click, quickly establish a connection in Workiro, enabling you to securely message or initiate work for a specific contact.

#2 Microsoft office 365 for the web

Workiro integrates with Microsoft office 365 for the web, enabling you to co-edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.

Work with anyone, anywhere:
Cloud collaboration allows all stakeholders to access Microsoft documents from anywhere, promoting seamless teamwork and the flexibility people crave..

Uphold permanent accountability for all changes:
Experience the convenience of automatically saving changes, ensuring that the most recent revisions are instantly credited to a specific user.

Take full advantage of Word's review mode:
Unlock the full potential of Word's 'Review' mode and harness its advanced features for comprehensive document management.

Ensure stakeholders always work with up-to-date documents:
Effortless synchronisation with real-time updates, keeps everyone connected with current documents, therefore minimising confusion, eradicating duplication, and maintaining cohesion.

#3 Access restrictions

Effortlessly control and manage access to your work, whether it's for individual team members or entire departments, with just a few clicks.

Our intuitive cloud user access management software empowers you to instantly grant or restrict permissions, ensuring that your valuable resources are safeguarded while fostering a dynamic, collaborative environment.

Control your restrictions beyond just folders:
Embrace a flexible approach to access management, categorising and controlling permissions based on individual users, projects, tags, and threaded discussions for unparalleled adaptability.

Lay secure working foundations right from the start:
Proactively establish permissions right from the inception of a new project, guaranteeing that the appropriate team members are granted access from day one.

Accelerate work whilst maintaining complete security:
Foster swift, secure, and seamless content distribution with automatic sharing, empowering authorised team members to instantly collaborate and exchange important information while ensuring the utmost security of your shared resources.

Secure collaboration with external stakeholders:
Facilitate secure sharing of individual tasks or documents with external users, granting them access to precisely the data they need while maintaining stringent privacy controls.

#4 PDF markup

Using an easy PDF markup tool, you can fine-tune every aspect of your documents, ensuring that they not only meet but exceed the standards set by your brand.

With all collaboration processes within a single app, editing PDFs and securing faster approvals is now a breeze.

Make it super clear what changes are required:
Highlight text for emphasis, redline entire sentences for comprehensive revisions, or insert notes, text boxes, shapes, and drawings to provide crystal-clear suggestions that enhance the collaborative process.

Secure your complete document history in one place:
Leverage a user-friendly version control system that monitors all modifications, preserving an organised document history to prevent any potential confusion.

Quickly see previous changes in just a few clicks:
Gain access to an intuitive panel that allows you to view and review previous annotations, significantly improving and accelerating your document interaction experience.

Wave goodbye to the frustration of cluttered inboxes:
Seamlessly integrate PDFs into our collaborative environment, ensuring that your team can work harmoniously without the need for constant email communication.

#5 Siri voice command

Pre-installed Siri voice command for iOS 16 is designed to simplify the task management process, where you can add tasks to Workiro with just your voice, making workflows even more efficient and convenient.

This hands-free approach makes it perfect for situations where manual input is impractical, especially when you're constantly on the go or juggling more than one thing at once.

Slash your task creation time:
This swift and efficient approach enables effortless task addition, updates, and completion, resulting in increased overall productivity and significantly reduced task management time.

Use multiple variables to verbally engage with tasks:
Siri's context comprehension streamlines task management and organisation, empowering users to reference tasks by name, date, or category.

Transform task management accessibility for people with disabilities:
Enabling voice commands will extend task management accessibility to individuals with disabilities such as limited mobility, visual impairments, and dyslexia.

Maintain full control during busy periods:
Effortlessly incorporate or adjust tasks even while multitasking or navigating bustling, dynamic settings.

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