Get Outlook Emails into NetSuite Fast

NetSuite Outlook Integration

• Store emails and attachments against NetSuite records
• Create trackable actions with team visibility in NetSuite
• View all communications of any record live in NetSuite

NetSuite Outlook Integration Features

How it works

‍Simply upload emails and attachments from Outlook to any record in NetSuite, create trackable actions and ensure that everyone can see what’s going on. Finally! No more emails about emails!

  1. Quickly log Outlook emails and attachments against NetSuite records.
  2. Create trackable tasks directly from Outlook.
  3. Send push notifications to your team who are involved in email follow-ups and tasks.
  4. View all documents and communications within corresponding NetSuite records.
  5. Gain a 360-view of active communications that need you or your team’s attention.
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See it for yourself
How it's done
Watch this short video to see how quickly you could be storing Outlook emails and attachments in NetSuite.

Why use Workiro

Workiro is a simple and easy solution to connect your Outlook inbox to your NetSuite environment. Once signed up with Workiro, the Outlook integration can be installed within minutes - providing fast access to important information on vendors, customers and other transactions that would otherwise live beyond the borders of NetSuite.

More time for meaningful work
Accelerate tedious paper-trail tasks  
Our speedy Outlook Integration feature for NetSuite lets you store any type of attachment against customer and vendor records within NetSuite, straight from Outlook within seconds. Choose to drag and drop or create a new thread from within Outlook.
Clear accountability
Start acting on information, rather than chasing it
Turn emails into actionable work that is visible in NetSuite. Assign approval, signature and follow-up tasks to the right people all from your Outlook interface and get work done without friction.
One source of truth
Break down the information silos in your team
Emails are just one source of evidence that is key to your team’s productivity and utilization. Workiro allows you to capture Outlook emails and attachments to store against NetSuite records without leaving Outlook, allowing the whole team to get on with meaningful work with no additional effort.
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Want to see our Outlook Integration in action?

Book in for a chat and we’ll show you how simple yet efficient this feature is for NetSuite, and answer any of your questions to make sure it’s the right fit for your business.
Implementing Outlook for NetSuite


You can easily connect Outlook to NetSuite in minutes, with no implementation costs.


Once you have a Workiro account, simply install the plugin from the Office Add-ins store.


As an ISO27001 certified business, you can rest assured that all information is safe and secure.

There's more
The Workiro SuiteApp
The Workiro SuiteApp goes beyond integrating your Outlook emails into NetSuite. Our goal is to facilitate the every day processes, tasks and communications of NetSuite users by removing the silos of information and providing one source of truth, allowing you and your team to focus on more meaningful work.

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