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For most NetSuite users there is usually a core reason behind the decision to integrate with a platform such as Workiro. More often than not they are facing challenges within their business that need an additional tool solution to solve. 

For example, when NetSuite customer Fenetti experienced unprecedented customer and shipping demand during the pandemic, they used Workiro to gain better access to customer data and streamline customer service communications.

“Workiro is the perfect solution for us, it slotted straight into NetSuite. NetSuite is great and you have all the data you need there, but you can’t pull that data into a system where someone knows what they need to do to solve that problem. It allows us to pull certain problems into funnels and put the right people in place to solve them.”
Richard Totman, Director, Fenetti

Workiro has innovative and powerful features that help to fulfil those needs perfectly. These features have become firm favourites, with our own team, and the customers of NetSuite and GetBusy. 

Workiro is also packed full of more subtle features that sit alongside these core components. They embed themselves into daily workflows and ensure that Workiro becomes a key element of the business process. This is ultimately crucial in the adoption and success of Workiro as a business platform. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the unexpected benefits that NetSuite users experience after they integrate with Workiro.

The most unexpected benefits of Workiro

Workiro has some show-stopping features that make it a clear choice for NetSuite users who are trying to enhance their existing setup. 

But, ultimately, for any software to be successful it needs to become ingrained within the culture of an organisation. And this will only happen when the system simplifies and supplements the current workflow.

There are a few features within Workiro that may not be the core reason behind integration, but they certainly add an element of delight and surprise to users’ lives. 

These features help to simplify workflows, improve productivity and ultimately take the brainpower out of otherwise repetitive tasks: 

1. Read receipts: unseen and dusty.
2. Quick catch-up area
3. Auto to-do list
4. Reminders and pausing

So, let’s explore these surprisingly effective features that make Workiro a tool that people love to use.

1. Read receipts: unseen and dusty

Read receipts are nothing new, however, most business tools do not have the visibility that we enjoy in our everyday, personal life. 

We’ve mentioned our read receipts in more than one article, however, it’s still a feature that positively surprises our users.

Workiro has a notification system built into each threads, whether it’s for a task, e-signature or note. This allows users to gain a complete overview of who has seen the message, and it will automatically send a prompt if the message or task has not been dealt with.

What makes Workiro so efficient is that it's built in a way that does not allow a message or task to get forgotten about, and allows users to see who has viewed the message or document involved. 

This feature is a great way for you to gain an overview of who has what information.

2. Quick catch-up area

Work updates can be difficult to navigate, and it’s often the case that users simply miss things. 

However, Workiro has solved this problem with its quick catch-up area. The catch-up area is a simple and easy to use feature that helps users find out any important news that might have been missed. It is essentially a personal assistant that helps everyone stay up-to-date.

This feature only shows you threads that have had activity on them and displays the last message in a preview, so users can see whether it’s relevant to them.

If no more detail is required, then the catch-up thread can simply be cleared. 

However, if more information is required, then the user can open the thread and Workiro will indicate (with a red line) where they last left off. 

It’s a simple feature that allows Workiro users to quickly and easily catch up on any information that might be pertinent to them, and allows them to disregard anything that is non-essential. 

Ultimately, it helps to save time while making sure that users get the most from the system. 

3. Auto to-do list

“Make things unmissable” was previously a slogan of ours. 

That’s because it’s almost impossible for a task to fall into a black hole once it has been created on Workiro. 

When a task is created someone has to be responsible for it. 

Workiro’s version of a  “to-do” list is called “assigned to me”.  This is the area where Workiro reminds users what tasks they are accountable for and what needs to be updated or moved onto the next stage. 

These tasks can be paused (more on that below) but they will remain on the ‘to-do’ list until completed. 

This section can even be customised for each individual user, to create a personalised to-do list with categories for a clearer breakdown or prioritisation of individual tasks. 

4. Pausing and reminders

There will always be some tasks that need to take precedence over others, and GetBusy helps users to manage expectations around deadlines. 

Workiro automatically alerts users when there is an outstanding task, however, users also have the ability to pause a task. This will require the user to set the date and time they plan on getting to that task, and it will not send any reminders or notifications until this time.

This is a great tool for users that are working on a task with other team members or clients, as it clearly outlines the timeline expectations and means that there is no need to continually chase tasks up. 

Everyone knows what is happening, and relevant users will be alerted when the task has been unpaused to make sure that the appropriate actions are taken. 

Are you interested in learning more about Workiro?

Workiro is a powerful tool, with some really clear advantages for NetSuite users. 

It also has some unexpected features that can hugely benefit specific business processes. 

These features might not be the core reason that a business decides to integrate Workiro, however, they will certainly simplify processes, increase efficiency and improve productivity in users' working life. 

They are the features that really cement our NetSuite integration tools into the daily routines of its users.

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