Four Highlights From Workiro’s SuiteConnect 2023 Experience

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Jason Ross

February marked a first for team Workiro: we headed to London to attend NetSuite's SuiteConnect 2023. It also marked the first time the event had been held in person since 2019.


SuiteConnect London presented the perfect opportunity for us to meet NetSuite users and partners, as well as those professionals looking to harness its cloud-based power.


NetSuite used the event to unveil a number of exciting new products. We also got to glean plenty of insights along the way. Workiro's Vice President of Channels and Partnerships, Jason Ross, summarised some of his key takeaways.

1. Celigo Talks Business Process Automation(BPA) Strategy

Celigo, as a SuiteConnect 2023 sponsor, had a big presence at the event. Here, at Workiro, we already know just how powerful Celigo integration can be.


However, we got to learn much more about how its power can be harnessed to really drive a ‘do more with less’ automation strategy at scale – from order-to-cash to 3PL fulfilment to data ingestion to employee onboarding and offboarding.


All of these tasks can be automated with Celigo, removing the need for manual output, reducing data silos and ultimately enhancing productivity across workforces.


NetSuite with Celigo can also be integrated with Workiro to automatically send NetSuite relationship and transaction records. Get a better idea of how this could benefit your business over on our Workiro Celigo integration page.

2. SuitePeople UK Payroll Integration from Infinet Cloud

SuitePeople launched at SuiteWorld 2017. , as a solution designed to streamline HR tasks - providing a centralised suite to help maintain employee records, manage time off, look after payroll and lots more.

SuitePayroll is only been available to US users of NetSuite which meant users have had to use separate payroll solutions in other jurisdictions that haven't always integrated with NetSuite.

Infinet Cloud Payroll, however, has been available to customers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand for more than a decade with this enhanced partnership can now provide this same functionality for UK users of SuitePeople. Infinet Cloud Payroll enables businesses to control all payroll processes and data from within the customers NetSuite account.

Tristan Day, General Manager at Infinet Cloud, was understandably excited when we caught up with him after the announcement was made.

He said:

"This announcement is testament to both NetSuite’s commitment to the single suite to run a business and Infinet’s commitment to helping NetSuite users streamline and manage it. Payroll is one of, if not the, biggest costs to a business and being able to seamlessly calculate net pay and post general ledger impact in real-time with to-the-penny accuracy for no additional effort exponentially increases the ROI of their NetSuite investment."

3. SuiteBilling Is Coming to the UK!

Now, this was an announcement that made a lot of people in the Workiro team very happy.


SuiteBilling enables businesses with transaction, subscription or usage-based billing (or any hybrid combination of the three) to accurately manage their revenue through NetSuite.


Like SuitePeople, this was available in the US, but now it’s being rolled out to the UK. With Workiro being a NetSuite client and partner, we’re all really keen to experience first-hand what SuiteBilling can do!

4.Success Stories - NetSuite’s Transformational Impact for Businesses

In addition to all the NetSuite news and product announcements at SuiteConnect 2023, we got to hear some brilliant success stories in talks from NetSuite customers.


Aman Deep (Business Systems Director, Charlotte Tilbury) talked about the pivotal role NetSuite played in helping the brand expand from being a boutique UK business to the huge global beauty brand it is today. Charlotte Tilbury’s experience emphasised the power of NetSuite on a journey towards significant growth at a multinational level.


Georgina Pattison (Finance and Commercial Director, Deliciously Ella) explained how the business had been run entirely from spreadsheets, and that the transition to NetSuite had helped the organisation to grow – with the business now spanning a plant-based food and wellness platform, a restaurant, a plant-based food product range, bestselling recipe books and a podcast.


Workiro is a next-generation SuiteApp that allows users to control all of their NetSuite communications, documents and approvals without having to leave NetSuite. Want to see how Workiro could transform your business? Let’s talk – request your free demo today.

Jason Ross
VP of Channels and Partnerships
Jason has 15 years of expertise in software engineering and data science to optimise channels, forge collaborations, and create innovative solutions.