How To See all Customer Emails in NetSuite

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Customer emails contain important data that informs your NetSuite records.

But how do you ensure accurate records when you can't access these emails?

The main issue often arises from the collaborative nature of providing customer service.  

Email communication between your business and clients is spread across various email chains.  

And getting hold of that data from others isn't always straightforward!

For instance, team members might be tied up in meetings all day, making it challenging for them to promptly acknowledge your request and provide what you need.  

Imagine if there was a way to link all email communication with customer records in NetSuite.

Let's delve into the issues that arise when this isn't the case, and we’ll explore our automatic NetSuite Outlook integration - the simplest way to overcome these significant obstacles—permanently!

Email overdrive & demanding customers...  

Over 3.13 million emails are sent every second, showcasing the staggering pace of digital communication.
Porch Group Media  

90% of consumers worldwide prioritize prompt issue resolution as their utmost concern in customer service.

68% of consumers are ready to invest more in brands delivering standout customer service experiences.

Data gaps in customer interactions

Your main challenge lies in the need for customer data to provide context in conversations.  

When you open their NetSuite record and only get half the picture, it hampers your ability to fully understand why they reached out.  

This incomplete view during live customer service interactions may cause you to provide inaccurate or even no responses to specific questions, raising doubts in the customer's mind about your business.  

And the situation might not even progress to that point.  

If you're expected to proactively engage with the customer to address the issue, you may hesitate due to a lack of critical data, resulting in delayed responses until you gather the necessary details from various email sources.

Manual entry madness

Time is valuable.  

Giving it away provides an immediate advantage to your competition.  

Consider the inefficiency when multiple customer emails are scattered across different inboxes, each containing data that should be associated with NetSuite records.  

This process requires manual intervention - identifying incomplete records, reaching out to stakeholders who may have the information in their inboxes, and ultimately inputting the data into the NetSuite record.  

As your business grows, this approach becomes impractical.  

The large number of daily emails also makes it more likely that important data might get lost or placed in the wrong location.

Fractured 'single source of truth'

NetSuite was implemented in your business to establish a 'single source of truth' for customer information.  

However, not storing email communication against customer profiles disrupts this eutopia.  

This omission poses challenges in efficiently processing orders and planning up-selling strategies.

A comprehensive view is crucial for informed decision-making, as without it, operational efficiency suffers, leading to delays and inaccuracies that can impede overall productivity.

Automatically capture and store all customer emails against NetSuite records with Workiro!

Don't let emails hinder your business operations any longer!  

We offer eight groundbreaking NetSuite add-ons, and our automatic email management tool is currently making the biggest impact.  

It simplifies email filing directly within your ERP system, ensuring customer records are consistently filled with all data and communication exchanged between customers and anyone in your team.  

Say goodbye to inbox obstacles!  

Here are some key benefits this tool brings to NetSuite users.

Streamline your email security

Organise and secure email attachments with NetSuite records to centralise document storage, preventing loss or unauthorised access.

Enhanced team collaboration

Quickly identify emails already captured by your team to save time and enhance collaboration.

Transform emails into tasks

Convert emails into tasks and seamlessly continue the conversation within NetSuite, turning your platform into a streamlined and efficient productivity hub.

Auto capture all future customer emails

Enable automatic capture for all upcoming emails in your discussions, regardless of the sender, for effortless organisation.

Ready to see all customer emails in NetSuite?

Discover how one integration built for NetSuite can eliminate the operational challenges that come from emails.

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