NetSuite 23.1 Release: What You Need to Know

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The latest NetSuite release has arrived, suggesting automation will steer its users into a world of fresh opportunity, with marketing, indexation, and rebate now powered-up through perceptive machine learning.

Here’s a full breakdown of who benefits and why…

Sales & E-Commerce teams

Commerce & Sales - Unified Commerce

Get the most from customers with intuitive upsells and cross-sells, fuelled by products they’re most likely to buy.

Collated through purchase history, previous transactions, complementary items, and best sellers - use this to power up your pipeline, enabling pertinent opportunities, estimates, and sales orders.  

The new “Intelligent Recommendations” button brings AI to your site and sales team’s hands.

It’s a cross-sell weapon!

Billing clerks and administrators

Suite Billing - Indexation Uplifts

Automatically increased revenue growth from each subscription renewal, using tailored set-ups and preferences for your specific business requirements.

In simple terms - no more spreadsheets for price changes!

Project managers

Suite Projects - Automated Charges

Focus only on statuses that require your immediate attention, and see precisely what’s being overridden for astute decision making during midnight runs.

This is a project manager’s dream!

No need for manual charge logging - get the system to forecast them for you.

Finance & Accounts Receivable teams

Financials - Rebate and Trade Promo’s

Remove manual processes, and start automating the potential of your company’s revenue.

You can now create rebate and trade promotions inside native NetSuite, and build them into your transactions to automate their impact - Handy!

IT & Operations teams

Analytics Warehouse

NetSuite have released some new transaction types for their Analytics Warehouse, such as Support Issues and Support Cases. The solution brings pre-built KPI’s, dashboards, reports, data pipelines, models, and security framework, achieving 6x faster time to value compared to DIY.  

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Speak with a member of our team for more insight, and discover how Workiro’s powerful NetSuite integration can further harmonise these brand new features alongside your existing set-up.

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