Who is Workiro For?

Who is Workiro For?

Anna Goley
May 20, 2022

Workiro is a next-generation app made for work. It uniquely combines document management, task management, communication and e-signatures all together in one handy place.

To put it simply, we make your life easier. But who can, and should, use Workiro?

For NetSuite Users

Built for NetSuite, Workiro integrates directly into your dashboard, relationships and transactions - extending the control of NetSuite to provide greater clarity and control to work that's normally performed in other disconnected apps.

Skip to Chapter 8 in our Introduction to Workiro video here to see how Workiro integrates with NetSuite.

For Finance Teams

For those Finance teams who use NetSuite, Workiro truly is the perfect companion to supercharge your working day. Workiro automatically updates throughout the day against the NetSuite record in real time, meaning you never have to refresh or worry that you’ve missed anything.

You will have full visibility of everything that’s going on in your team, meaning more clarity and less time spent hunting for important information.

Think, never having to chase down whether a document has been signed again.

Think, having full visibility and understanding as to the status of any shared tasks.

Think, automatic reminders for repetitive monthly tasks.

Workiro can be your perfect companion for tasks such as:

  • Vendor bill approvals
  • Month end and year end
  • Audit trails

Read what our own Director of Finance & Operations had to say about Workiro here, or see how we can help to simplify your vendor bill approval process in the short video below.

For Sales Teams

Workiro is designed not only for internal communication, but also for customer facing work - providing a fully branded experience that is safe and secure. Engage with your customers via a thread, making communication easier and more personal whilst providing a single source of truth, with all the history, in one place.

Send documents internally and externally and get things signed, all from within Workiro, and all with visibility against the customer record. You can access all of this easily via the ‘Connections’ section of the Workiro app.

Work on your computer, laptop, or even phone with the Workiro app - meaning you won’t miss a thing, even if you’re out on the road ‘schmoozing’ your clients.

Think, finding a proposal in just a few seconds.

Think, never stepping on any toes or duplicating tasks again when dealing with customer enquiries.

Think, complete visibility and open communication between your team and the finance team.

Workiro can be your perfect companion for tasks such as:

  • Customer quotes
  • Customer invoices
  • Customer queries

For HR Teams

We all know that HR work can be incredibly admin-focused, and for those businesses in particular who are increasing their recruitment drive, it can be tough to keep up.

Workiro includes a template feature which allows you to save a recruitment pack, including documents that may need a ‘one-click signature’ alongside documents that require a 'wet signature', and also static policies that need to be shared. And all of this is achieved through a secure and branded experience with your candidate.

Think, ready to use templates set up so anyone in your team can use them if needed.

Think, tracking a candidates' status in just a a couple of clicks.

Think, communicating across the business to seek approvals, recorded and simple.

Workiro can be your perfect companion for tasks such as:

  • Recruitment
  • New starter signed contracts
  • New starter packs
  • NDAs

For the Wider Business

Workiro has been designed to bring businesses together. Yes, we know Slack and Teams are great for chit chat and the odd funny GIF, but Workiro is made for work - and is designed to stop any tasks slipping through the cracks (or getting lost in a sea of memes). Workiro even integrates into these existing apps to allow users to create tasks from messages right there and then, so that you don't have to go searching for that message when you suddenly remember a week later.

For Anyone

You can watch the short video below from our CTO, in which he delves a bit more into what Workiro is all about.

If you’re keen to know more about how Workiro could be right for your team or business, you can request a no-obligation short demo here.

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