A Love Story Between a Finance Team and Ultimate Control

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Anna Goley

We all like to think, believe, or at least hope that we're great at what we do - and so we should! We work hard, we put our all into our jobs, and we get out of our day exactly what we put into it.

However, in a modern age where the way we work is disjointed across multiple apps and software, how can we be expected to truly do our jobs to the absolute best of our ability when we are bogged down in uncertainty, forever chasing and hunting down information.

Enter Workiro, your new best buddy. A next-generation app that integrates directly into NetSuite to bring document management, task management, communication and e-signatures all together in one place - hallelujah!

We asked our own Director of Finance & Operations, Libby, to give us her take on how Workiro provided her finance team with the strongest possible control environment.

Stronger control within and around NetSuite

"When we implemented NetSuite, it was important to us that we established ways of working with NetSuite that would give us a really robust control environment while also enabling us to work as efficiently as possible. We wanted to make sure our audit trail was complete from beginning to end, and that we had great visibility around what was being done in NetSuite and why, so that we never had to chase people for answers."

Easy to find information

"Workiro has been pivotal in the way we’ve built out our team’s processes. Workiro allows us to have conversations around our customers and suppliers with finance and non-finance team members, and automatically have those conversations saved into the NetSuite customer record without anyone having to remember to log them, or spend time doing so."

Never let a task slip through the net

"We can set up tasks to ask another team member a question about a supplier invoice or customer revenue entry, and the answers are right there in NetSuite if we want to refer to them later. We can set up recurring tasks for our VAT return review and the evidence of our review and approval process is automatically there against our HMRC record if we need it come audit time."

Great communication no matter where you are

"When lock down happened and the team began to work remotely, Workiro was an invaluable tool in helping us to work efficiently as a team. It’s so easy to set up tasks, discuss them as a team and see who is working on what and when. Nothing gets lost in Workiro the way it can in Slack or email and it really encourages a collaborative way of working, even when everyone is working remotely."

Read the full finance team story here or if you're interested in learning more about how Workiro can supercharge your business, you can request a demo with one of our trusted team members.

Anna Goley
Senior Creative Marketing Executive