Socitm Advisory Streamlines Employee Contracts

Socitm Advisory share how Workiro has helped them to speed up processes more than twice over!
“Now we can send and track twice as many candidate packs in less than half the time. It’s made my working day much more productive.”
Adam Elliott, Head of Resourcing

The who

Socitm Advisory provide independent and expert Consultancy advice, predominantly to customers within the public sector. They have a proven track record of delivering transformation programmes that improve public services for the benefit of not only the organisation, but also the communities that they serve. As such, they play a prominent role in developing and driving changes to digital services.

As a NetSuite customer, Socitm Advisory knew the importance of unifying critical systems and processes. Following a period of rapid growth, with further expansion planned, it was important to continue to evolve their business systems to support their teams. Streamlining processes where possible for efficient and effective mobile use and integrating with the core technology wrap of NetSuite is an essential foundation for their future success.

With the business doubling its staff over a three-year period, top of their list of priorities was providing the HR & Resourcing team with the best tools to get contracts signed and allow onboarding documentation to be shared and stored efficiently.

The Pain

Socitm Advisory's skilled and experienced team were being hampered by the limits of traditional tools, like email, which aren’t designed to manage and track structured processes efficiently, and certainly not at scale. Providing a solution that encouraged both collaboration and self-service was a priority.

  • Responsibility was on the candidate to sign and return documents - this created a sense of uncertainty for the team around where each candidate was in the recruitment process and took the control away from the Socitm team, as well as requiring unnecessary effort from the candidate.
  • Contracts would be sent via email to candidates, leading to a lack of consistency in the quality of returned copies. Common human errors like missing signatures, illegible scanned documents and slow responses all meant additional work for everyone involved.
  • Chasing candidates and team members to complete tasks was mentally draining and easy to forget - adding unnecessary stress and wasting time.
  • Signed documents had to be saved and filed manually, usually done so in personal folders, making access difficult for other people in the business when needed.
  • Socitm's highly skilled team were constantly hampered by the failings of traditional communication tools like email (which is notoriously hard to track).
  • The team had to work across multiple apps to get stuff done, increasing the risk of important tasks slipping through the net. 

The Painkiller

Using Workiro, integrated with NetSuite via the Workiro SuiteApp, has helped the Socitm team to optimise their processes and unlock greater scalability.

  • Signature templates have been utilised to allow others in the business to send the HR team contracts for approval - saving time spent on admin, speeding up the process, and ensuring consistency.
  • The Microsoft Office add-in enables the quick and easy transfer of contracts and emails into Workiro from Word and Outlook, ready for signing - freeing up more time for meaningful work.
  • Candidates now receive a secure Workiro message in their inbox when Socitm sends them a task to complete. Contracts can be signed in a couple of clicks and forms completed with ease. Ensuring a positive candidate experience and consistency in returned documents for Socitm.
  • Read notifications, reminders and nudges prompt candidates and team members when they have a task to complete - providing visibility to everyone and helping to speed up the overall process.
  • Any contract or previous conversations with a candidate can be found next to that connection in Workiro and NetSuite, providing a single source of truth. This enables easy retrieval of information and documents for anyone in the business with the appropriate permissions.
  • Custom branding and threads enables seamless communication between Socitm and candidates - enhancing the customer experience and encouraging faster responses.
“Workiro is so easy to use and took no time at all to implement. It reduces the time spent on admin, lets me get on with important work and provides clarity. I’m able to communicate with teammates and people outside of the business easily and never have to worry about chasing anyone - Workiro does that for me.”
Adam Elliott, Head of Resourcing

The Future

Following on from its successful implementation in the HR team, the leadership team are keen to get Workiro rolled out to the wider business, starting with the Sales, Consultancy and Finance teams. This cross-functional use of the Workiro SuiteApp will enable consistency across the board and provide a level of visibility and clarity that is simply not possible with traditional tools.

“As a forward thinking and innovate company it’s important that we embrace new technology, challenge convention and accept when old tools just don’t cut it anymore. That’s why I was excited to discover Workiro’s offering, an app made for modern work that aligns with our values and increases productivity from day to day. We knew we had to try it out, and we have seen some impressive results since its implementation.”

Matt, Head of Operations

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