Fenetti Scales with Workiro and NetSuite

Discover how Fenetti used Workiro to manage documents, real-time communication, tasks and signatures from within NetSuite.

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Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Portugal and Spain, Fenetti stands as a beacon of creativity and craftsmanship. Specializing in the design and manufacturing of luxury outdoor furniture, Fenetti blends artistry with functionality to curate exceptional pieces that elevate outdoor living experiences.

"Workiro has been the perfect solution for us. It has slotted in perfectly and has filled the gap we needed to truly look after our customers."
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Richard Totman

Easy and Accelerated Customer Service

Explore the full journey behind Fenetti's success with Workiro, where business-critical tools were converged in NetSuite to unlock seamless customer communication.


When online retailer Fenetti experienced Black-Friday level demand, they knew their tranditional communication and productivity tools would hinder their ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

NetSuite manages all of Fenetti's stock. It also manages their warehousing and the logistics associated with getting stock to Europe from the Far East. But the customers' journey starts on their website or a marketplace and Fenetti were finding it difficult to surface and resolve issues customers were experiencing with their orders through NetSuite alone.


Workiro's SuiteApp allows Fenetti's customer service team to join up order information from NetSuite with customer information and queries.

When received through customer support channels (including Zendesk, telephone and email), Fenetti needed a tool to pull complex order information together, assign accountability, and communicate effectively to resolve customer queries.

Using Workiro, Fenetti now coordinate and resolve customer queries by pulling them from these support channels, and ensuring the right people are assigned to, and made accountable to resolve them.

Workiro also allows Fenetti to have real-time conversations with tangible outcomes with their factories. With the ongoing logistical issues surrounding COVID, Fenetti are currently unable to visit China – where most of their factories are located. With its dedicated client portal, Workiro allows Fenetti to easily communicate with their factories to share product information, transfer essential product documentation and store business information.


Workiro has proven indispensable for Fenetti's customer support, enabling seamless coordination and resolution of queries. The platform not only assigns accountability efficiently but also facilitates real-time communication with factories, crucial during COVID-related logistical challenges. Workiro's dedicated client portal ensures effective collaboration, allowing Fenetti to overcome barriers and streamline communication with their factories for optimal business operations.
"It allows us to pull data from anywhere, tie it together, make staff accountable, and feeds that data back to the customers."
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Richard Totman

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