The Difficulty of Sharing Large Files

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Imagine a world where you can share large files with colleagues and clients, without worrying about a lack of security, unreasonable file size constraints and device limitations.

Whether you’re sharing a large media file or sending across an important contract to a client – nobody wants to have to go through the unnecessary pain that often comes when you try to share large files. But what exactly are the most common problems encountered with large file sharing and how can they be solved?

Luckily for you, we’ve got the answers.

It’s Not Always Secure

When it comes to sharing large files, security is key in order to comply with GDPR regulations. However, many file sharing methods don’t offer the level of security required – not only for your peace of mind, but to protect you and your clients.

Some of the biggest security risks when sharing files include:

• Accidental sharing of sensitive information
• Malware attacks
• Loss of sensitive data
• Hacking

Additionally, when it comes to sharing files, it’s not always possible to control who views it once it has been sent – which could be a huge data breach. This is especially true when sending files over email, as you’re unable to revoke access if it’s accidentally sent to the wrong person, or if access is no longer required.

The Solution

If you’re wondering how to share large files securely, prevention is always better than a cure, so you’ll want to take all of the steps you can to avoid sensitive data falling into the wrong hands - starting with educating your employees about the risks of file sharing.

Another way to avoid accidental sharing of sensitive information is to limit access to files, rather than allowing access at a group level.

The Workiro file sharing app allows you to easily add or remove people from a thread, giving you complete control over who has access to specific files. Additionally, the encrypted communication feature ensures the sensitive data you’re sharing is protected and secure.

You’re Often Limited

We know that there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing the ‘file size too large’ error message when trying to share a file – even when it’s been compressed. Not only does this cost valuable time, but it’s incredibly annoying.

The Solution

With the Workiro file sharing app, you can securely send and receive files up to 25mb, so you can send images, documents and video files without the stress of an unreasonable file size limit.

Files Can Easily Be Lost

‘Please can you forward that on to me?’

‘Oh, I must have missed that!’

With so many emails (and Teams messages… and Slack messages) flying round each day, it’s no surprise that important emails often get missed or overlooked, meaning files can easily be lost. Not only can this cause versioning issues, but it can also hold up time-sensitive projects – especially when e-signatures are required.

The Solution

Streamline your file sharing process with the Workiro file sharing app, which allows you to link a file and task to anyone, whether they’re internal or external. With a clearly defined goal, there’s less confusion about who needs to do what and you can see when the file has been viewed.

Not only does this ensure that files don’t get overlooked, but they’re automatically chased after a set amount of time, saving you from replying to yet another email chain.

There’s a Lack of Collaboration

Need to send an important presentation to a colleague but met with a file size limit? We’ve all been there.

However, it can cause a lack of collaboration within teams, often leaving one person to do all of the legwork on a project, as they’re unable to share and collaborate on one document. What a nightmare.

The Solution

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the Workiro file sharing app can alleviate your large file sharing woes. The app can help to improve collaboration within teams, allowing you to share presentations and documents at the touch of a button, which is especially useful with more and more people looking set to continue working remotely.

Whether you’re looking to increase security when sharing large files, or simply improve collaboration within your network – the GetBusy file sharing app is the perfect tool for the job. Why not book a demo to see how our innovative features can help your business?

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