Workiro Re-Brand: A Fresh Look For a Fresh Way to Work

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Team Workiro

2023 has been a thrilling chapter for Team Workiro, now marked by a fresh new look that compliments the ground-breaking capabilities of our innovative app.  

With harmony, fluidity and cohesion at the heart of our brand, Workiro has become a symbol for modern professionals striving for consistent operational performance.  

Why re-brand now?

Team Workiro has undergone a transformative visual identity overhaul at a crucial juncture, signalling a dynamic evolution in our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Notably, our product capabilities have surged twofold, now showcasing a robust suite of features.  

This includes automatic email management, Microsoft for the web editing, collaborative PDF markup, and heightened access restrictions for enhanced security.

A significant stride has also been made in the ERP sector, solidified by our native NetSuite integration tools

Our integration stands as a cornerstone for numerous global partners who align with our visionary approach, aiming to power up NetSuite while simultaneously simplifying collaboration with team members, customers, and partners.

What our new branding means

3D glass objects

We now employ 3D glass objects as fragile representations of the multifaceted tasks, communications, and objectives that define our daily work life. These objects serve as a metaphor for the vulnerability that arises when we fail to manage these elements effectively, ultimately leading to chaos. They stand as a poignant reminder of the constantly shifting landscape of work and the accompanying challenges we must confront.

Flow shapes & bubbles

These fluid, liquid objects symbolise our app's capabilities. Just as they naturally attract objects, our app effortlessly handles complexities and simplifies processes. This illustrates how teams can work together smoothly, promoting collaboration and boosting productivity.


Bright, vivid gradients now symbolise Workiro, representing our company's vibrant character. These gradients reflect our dynamic nature and our steadfast dedication to fusing ideas, insights, and solutions. Through our innovative solutions, we confront challenges directly, fostering innovation and delivering exceptional outcomes.


Our new imagery now illustrates the harmonious convergence of various elements. In the background, we witness the apparent chaos of daily tasks, an intricate web of responsibilities and demands that can often overwhelm individuals. Yet, as we shift our focus to the foreground, a serene and orderly scene emerges, courtesy of Workiro's transformative influence.

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