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How to streamline Your daily business processes

Growing a business is an exciting (and scary) process. From the initial concept to the first customer, there are so many milestones to celebrate. However, when a business grows, so do arduous tasks and admin. It’s important to ensure all of your daily business processes are streamlined to improve time management and increase productivity – giving you more time to do the things that make you money.

So, whether you’re looking for time management and productivity tips or business process transformation ideas, we’ve got you covered with the best business process improvements to help you to reorganise your daily practices and keep your business growing.

Regularly Evaluate your Business Processes

When it comes to growing a successful business, regular business process evaluations are essential.

For young companies it’s important to review the business and business plan as often as possible to determine whether or not it’s going in the right direction, or if a change of strategy is needed.

Planning a quarterly business review will help you to keep on top of your business and implement any strategic changes where necessary.

Any kind of business growth will require frequent updates to policies, software and strategic direction in order to maintain growth – especially if you’ve been busy recruiting. You can’t expect to get away with running your business the same way you did with two employees when you’ve employed another twenty. Regular reviews will help to keep things running smoothly.

Upgrade your Software

Anyone running a successful small business will tell you how important is to have the right software and equipment to make those everyday tasks a breeze – giving the decision makers more time to focus on driving growth.

Using a variety of software tools for different processes within your business can waste a huge amount of valuable time. From having to log in to multiple platforms (and remember all the passwords), to repeating tasks within each one – it’s far from an ideal setup for a growing business.

However, Workiro offers the perfect solution. With everything in one place, there are a huge number of handy time-saving features that can help to improve your daily admin tasks.

With drag-and-drop filing, a handy task management tool and unlimited file sharing and storage, Workiro allows you and your employees to work collaboratively, efficiently and securely in one central location. Not only does this make daily admin tasks less arduous, it also leaves you with more time to focus on the important stuff like making money.

Improve productivity at work

Productive employees should be central to any business. After all, if your employees aren’t being productive, how do you expect to be successful?

Unfortunately, there are a huge number of factors which can have a negative impact on productivity, including:

– Bad management

– Workplace environment (especially when working from home)

– Inadequate tools and software

– Lack of training

– No clearly defined business goals

– Personal factors like poor diet and lifestyle

Whilst some of these factors, such as the workplace environment and tools and software, can be influenced by business owners -things such as your employees’ diets and lifestyles can be more difficult to change.

How to improve productivity in the workplace

There are steps you can take to help improve productivity in the workplace and ensure your business is a success, including:

– Regularly review those in management roles to ensure your staff are being managed effectively – 58% of managers reported that they’ve never had training.

– Provide your staff with the software and equipment they need to do their job – nobody likes a slow computer. In fact, 92% of employees surveyed said that the right technology improves productivity and job satisfaction.

– Invest in your staff to fill them with knowledge and allow them to continually progress. You know what they say – knowledge is power.  

– Offer wellness and lifestyle incentives to keep those endorphins high and encourage your staff to make healthy choices. Studies have shown that employees who do little to no exercise are 50% more likely to be unproductive than those who partake in regular exercise. Office Yoga, anyone?

– Focus on creating a positive, collaborative environment for your staff.

So whether you look to invest in your employees, or make sure your software and equipment is fit for the job – you’ll have a bunch of productive employees working for you in no time.

Workiro can give you the tools you need to speed up your business functionality. From efficient file sharing to our helpful task management tool – you’re sure to see an improvement in your business in no time.

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