Outlook in NetSuite FAQ


Workiro’s Outlook integration for NetSuite allows users to attach emails, files and documents to NetSuite records directly from Outlook in seconds.  

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we’re asked about integrating Outlook to NetSuite, and how Workiro facilitates this:

Q: What is NetSuite and Outlook integration?

A: NetSuite and Outlook integration is a process of connecting NetSuite and Microsoft Outlook to streamline business processes by giving you the ability to easily log email communications and attachments to NetSuite records directly from Outlook.  

This means that users can get on with their day-to-day as they wish in Outlook whilst easily ensuring others have full visibility of communications against the corresponding NetSuite record or task.

Q: How does NetSuite and Outlook integration work?

A: By adding the Workiro add-in to their Outlook account and following a few simple steps to integrate to NetSuite, users can simply upload emails and attachments from Outlook to any record in NetSuite by using the new Workiro tab in Outlook. This allows for the creation of trackable actions and ensures that everyone involved can stay up to date with the latest information.

Q: What are the benefits of integrating NetSuite and Outlook?

A: In short, it saves duplicating work and means that everyone can see what they need to, where they need to. Without an integration, users either have to copy and paste the content of emails into NetSuite as activities or notes, or more likely, emails just live in Outlook and remain invisible to everyone else in the business.

Integrating NetSuite and Outlook ensures that all emails associated with contacts, suppliers, customers, transactions and projects can all be viewed by anyone from within NetSuite  

Q: What features does NetSuite and Outlook integration offer?

A: Attach emails directly from Outlook to NetSuite against contacts, companies, transactions, projects and employee records. In addition, users can create tasks, view and discuss progress via our in-built chat function and easily access attachments directly within NetSuite or via the Workiro app to manage communications end-to-end with no bottlenecks or need to duplicate effort.

Q: How do I set up NetSuite and Outlook integration?

A: Once you have a Workiro account, simply install the plugin from the Office Add-ins store and you’ll be set up to use our NetSuite Outlook integration tool.

Q: What are some common use cases for NetSuite and Outlook integration?

A: NetSuite Outlook Integration is perfect for any business or employee using NetSuite and Outlook who are dealing with multiple contacts, contracts or clients.  

The most common business functions using, and benefiting from, Outlook integration are Sales, Finance, HR, and Projects.  As you can imagine, these are the functions which are usually ‘communication heavy’, involve multiple internal and external stakeholders, and rely on end-to-end visibility, so being able to quickly attach inbound and outbound emails to the corresponding records increases visibility and in-turn removes bottlenecks for your team.

Q: How does NetSuite and Outlook integration improve email management?

A: NetSuite Outlook integration improves email management as you can store, tag and discuss emails – all of which will then be visible in the relevant NetSuite record and in your Workiro app for the people involved. So, no more emails about emails – your team can just get on with what they need to do.  

Q: Can I access NetSuite data from within Outlook?

A: No, to view NetSuite data you must be logged into NetSuite – but from here you can view any Outlook emails or attachments that have been recorded in NetSuite.

Q: How does NetSuite and Outlook integration improve productivity?

A: Outlook Integration normally improves productivity in at least one of two ways.  

Best case scenario - it saves users copying and pasting email content into activities and notes in NetSuite. (In our experience, it’s rare for users to consistently manually copy and paste email content into NetSuite).  

More realistically, it saves your team emailing each other to ask for emails and documents to be forwarded internally. A process which merely multiplies the inefficiency. In this instance you have at least two people engaged in non-productive admin, searching for emails which ultimately still only ever exist in Outlook. So, the next person who comes along and needs the information has to start the whole thing all over again.  

NetSuite Outlook Integration reduces your admin time by allowing you to attach emails directly to NetSuite records from Outlook, making NetSuite a one-stop shop for all relevant customer or vendor information.

Q: Are there any security concerns with NetSuite and Outlook integration?

A: Workiro is an ISO27001-certified business, so we pride ourselves on the security of our App. Our Outlook integration tool allows you to select who within the business can see or access emails, attachments or discussions, meaning your data is secure and private using NetSuite Outlook integration.

Q: Can I integrate other email systems with NetSuite, not just Outlook?

A: Workiro currently only integrates with Outlook, however, NetSuite Gmail integration will be available with Workiro very soon!

Q: How does NetSuite and Outlook integration improve collaboration among team members?

A: With Workiro, NetSuite Outlook integration allows users to discuss emails, attachments or documents directly from NetSuite or the Workiro app. This means all relevant parties have full visibility to any emails, attachments and discussions directly from NetSuite records. As a result, your team’s first action is to pick-up and collaborate on next steps rather than having to go backwards to uncover information which is already present in the business.

Q: What are the costs associated with NetSuite and Outlook integration?

A: Workiro operates on a monthly per-user cost. Users have unlimited use of the NetSuite Outlook Integration features – as well as NetSuite E-Signatures, Document and Approval management, NetSuite Instant chat and much more. To understand just how much the Workiro app offers, click here to book a demo.

Q: Are there any limitations to NetSuite and Outlook integration?

A: No! Once you have Workiro, you can use the NetSuite Outlook integration feature, as well as all other Workiro features, as much as you need to.

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