How to Integrate Outlook with NetSuite


As it stands, many people use Outlook to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders - the problem this creates is that information is then locked away in a 'black box' with no visibility to the wider team of what's happened, happening or going to happen.

With this in mind, it's a good idea to - at the very least - store your emails in your ERP system so you have a record of communication for the whole team to see. In this guide we will show you how this can be achieved quickly, using our simple Outlook integration for NetSuite.

NetSuite for Outlook - How do I get my emails into NetSuite fast?

An image of the Outlook Workiro plug-in drop down options for storing an email in NetSuite

1. Simply install the Workiro Outlook plug-in to your Outlook account.

2. Once installed, you will see the option to store the email with or without its attachments in Workiro and NetSuite.

3. Select the option you would like, and then select which NetSuite connections you want to store the email against.

4. You can then access the email and its attachments from your NetSuite dashboard and corresponding NetSuite records.


Watch a short demonstration video below:

There's more...

Once you've stored your email you may be happy to stop there. However, you can also use this integration to create actionable tasks for anyone from within Outlook - all trackable and recorded against all the relevant NetSuite records. Simply add participants and a message to the task, and hit 'create'.

What's in it for me?

Accelerate tedious paper-trail tasks

Our speedy Outlook Integration feature for NetSuite lets you store emails and attachments against customer and vendor records within NetSuite, straight from Outlook within seconds. Choose to drag and drop or create a new thread from within Outlook.

Start acting on information, rather than chasing it

Turn any email into actionable work in NetSuite, that's visible for the whole team to see. Assign approval, signature and follow-up tasks to the right people without leaving Outlook, allowing you to get work done without friction.

Break down the information silos in your team

Emails are just one source of evidence that is key to your team’s productivity and utilisation. Workiro provides a single source of truth within NetSuite to enable teams to get on with more meaningful work - eliminating time that's usually wasted on hunting down information.

If you'd like to know more you can watch our NetSuite Outlook Integration webinar on-demand or book a custom demo to discover how Workiro could be helping you and your team to streamline your day.

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