Top 5 Accounting Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

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To meet your clients' expectations for reliable, reputable, and compliant service, it's crucial to explore diverse professional perspectives on the tools, techniques, and regulatory constraints shaping modern accountancy.  

Here are five of the best accounting podcasts that deliver precisely that.

#1 Accounting Influencers Podcast

Hosted by Rob Brown

Meet Rob, a former high school Maths maestro turned accounting aficionado and acclaimed author.  

With his sharp mind and deep roots in the finance world, Rob brings approachable insights on fintech technologies and accounting best practices, all delivered in his reassuring Yorkshire accent.

Whether he's conducting in-depth interviews or hosting dynamic panel discussions with industry leaders, such as Ed Kless, Senior Director of Partner Development and Strategy at Sage, his podcast is essential for anyone navigating accounting, legal issues, and finance.


Usually between 20-55 minutes.

Latest topics

  • How we solve the accounting talent pipeline problem.  
  • Is accounting having an identity crisis?
  • Deep dive on accountancy meets AI.

Listen here  

#2 Accounting web

Hosted by Tom Herbert

Tom's extensive experience as a journalist, editor, and broadcaster across digital and print publications has uniquely positioned him as a trusted voice in the realms of accountancy, technology, and business over the past eight years.  

Episodes are categorised into 'taste' or 'tech.'

'Taste' episodes dive deep into crucial accountancy news and emerging trends that demand attention.

Meanwhile, 'tech' episodes dissect the latest technological advancements impacting the accounting field.  

This dual approach not only educates but also inspires, offering a compelling blend of cutting-edge insights and human-centric perspectives.  


Approximately 30 minutes.  

Latest topics

  • GovTech developments, mental health awareness and the 9-5 life.
  • The three pillars of accounting excellence.
  • Labour’s plans, the taxing wealth report and ICAEW’s accounts.

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#3 All Aussie Accounting Adventures,

Hosted by Andrew Van De Beek & Aly Garrett

Andrew is driven by a relentless passion for guiding individuals toward their business and investment goals, while Aly brings over three decades of diverse experience in accounting, taxation, and advisory roles.

A lively and genuine atmosphere bestows upon their platform, enhanced by engaging conversations with esteemed guests, which have included James Bergin, executive general manager at Xero, and David Boyar, CEO of Change GSP.

For anyone looking to break free from conventional stereotypes and gain practical insights from seasoned professionals, this podcast offers a refreshing perspective.


Usually between 45-60 minutes.

Latest topics

  • Building community in the digital age.
  • Bringing the love to the accounting profession.
  • A female perspective in accounting.

Listen here  

#4 Grow My Accounting Practice

Hosted by Mike Michakowicz & Ron Saharyan

Mike has established himself as a seasoned business expert, acclaimed author, and highly sought-after speaker, and Ron's dedication to the profit-first methodology aligns him with a select group of accounting professionals.

They infuse their sessions with an infectious "yes we can" spirit, characterised by a lively and energetic approach.

Perfect for anyone who wants to distinguish themselves in a competitive accounting landscape.


Usually between 45-60 minutes.

Latest topics

  • How your mindset plays a critical influence to your business growth.
  • Mastering money, emotions, and mentality for advisors.
  • How to measure and improve financial profitability.

Listen here

#5 Accounting Today

Hosted by Daniel Hood

Daniel has been leading the digital charge at Accounting Today since 2011, with prior roles as business editor at the New York Daily News and production editor at The Wall Street Journal Europe.

If you’re seeking a quick dose of accountancy insights delivered in the fast-paced style of the industry itself, this podcast is perfect for you.

Short on time? Daniel gets it. He dives straight into snappy interviews that deliver actionable insights you can apply right away in your role.


Usually between 25-45 mins.

Latest topics

  • Your client's retired. What now?
  • Fixing the pipeline problem
  • Your clients don't value what you do

Listen here

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