Breaking The Email Silo

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Most people like to use email to talk to their colleagues, clients and vendors, and in fact, 74% of us prefer it. Every year, we send 90 trillion emails, but it's important to think about how we manage all this communication. We don't want to create a separate place for information that could cause problems with following rules, helping customers, getting accurate reports, or taking a long time to make a sale.

Using our NetSuite Outlook integration, your company can collect important information related to your business and store it in NetSuite records. This helps eliminate separate storage locations, create a reliable source of information, and make sure your entire team has access to what they need.

Whether you're working in finance, sales or HR we've compiled some everyday business processes that can be streamlined by simply logging your emails in NetSuite via our Outlook addin - giving you extra time to focus on delivering value to your organisation.

Streamline Your Daily Finance Tasks for Better Results

From invoicing to budget forecasting, check out these 4 financial tasks that can be enhanced simply by using our Workiro SuiteApp within Netsuite to manage your email correspondence.

Accounts Receivable:

The key to effective AR is timing. Creating a single source of truth for all your correspondence quickly gives the whole team visibility of any communications related to outstanding balances - including queries, questions and issues all in one place. Allowing you to quickly resolve any problems and collect payments faster.

Accounts Payable:

Building relationships with key suppliers, making the best use of working capital, and avoiding fraud, all have a tangible impact on the bottom line. By keeping all your email communication and attachments related to supplier invoices and bills in one place in NetSuite, you can have a full understanding of what has happened. This helps ensure that bills are paid accurately and on time, which is important for maintaining good relationships with your suppliers.


Make the audit process easy by creating a complete and accurate record of all your interactions with clients, vendors, and colleagues. Centrally stored email correspondence can provide insight into business transactions and processes, documentation of key decisions and approvals, and information about the business's relationships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Extend your use of Workiro with our live chat function to update your auditors on any queries and requests, all from within NetSuite.

Budgeting and Forecasting:

Storing your emails in NetSuite can provide valuable insights and information that can inform your budgeting and forecasting process. This creates one central place to store and review all data relating to customer interactions, vendor communications, and historical data. Leading to more informed decisions and the ability to more accurately predict and plan for your business's financial future.

4 Ways to Close More Sales Deals Faster

Breaking down data silos means you can say goodbye to hopping between different platforms and say hello to a smoother sales process. And that's not all - by making your sales workflows more efficient, you can boost your sales and revenue in no time!

Tracking and managing leads:

Capturing and organising all email correspondence with your leads and customers in one centralised location will not only help you stay on top of your communication but also provides you with a snapshot view of how your deals are progressing. With this comprehensive view of your opportunities, you can manage your leads more effectively, quickly identifying any areas that require your attention and ensuring that you don't miss any important details.

Improving customer follow-up:

Ensuring that your customers receive timely and personalised follow-ups, that make them feel valued and increase the likelihood of closing deals, can be made easy. By connecting your email correspondence to NetSuite it couldn't be easier to schedule follow-up event tasks and reminders for your customers, based on the communication you've had with them. Make sure you never miss out on an opportunity again.

Improving cross-team collaboration:

Efficient collaboration across disparate teams is key for teams to work together towards common goals, leading to improved outcomes and increased success. By saving all your correspondence in NetSuite, you can easily share information and collaborate with your team members, regardless of their location. This means that everyone on your team has access to the same up-to-date information.

Streamlining sales reporting:

Simplify and speed up your sales reporting and forecasting. You'll be able to easily access all your sales data from the client record in NetSuite, without the hassle of switching between different systems. With this streamlined process, you can quickly pull up the information you need, identify trends, and make more informed decisions.

Plus, by eliminating the need to manually consolidate data, you'll have more time to focus on driving sales and growing your business.

Upgrade your HR Workflows with Email Sync

HR processes often require exchanging sensitive or confidential communication and documentation back-and-forth. Creating a central system in NetSuite for storing and sharing documentation and communication can help you stay on top of your workflows. This ensures that your information is being stored in a compliant and secure manner, giving you peace of mind.

Recruiting and hiring:

In a highly competitive job market, having efficient workflows for managing the recruitment and hiring process is crucial to attracting top talent. By swiftly tracking all correspondence related to job candidates, such as CVs, cover letters, and interview schedules, you can streamline the hiring process and improve communication with potential employees.

Employee Onboarding:

Ensuring that all necessary onboarding documents, such as tax forms and benefit information, are easily accessible in one place, can help improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors during the onboarding process. You could further enhance your onboarding processes by employing an electronic signature tool to enable the signing of employee handbooks, and other key documentation via Workiros integrated electronic signature tool.

Employee relations:

With all email communications related to employee relations stored in NetSuite, HR teams can quickly and easily access important information about employee performance, disciplinary actions, and other workplace issues. This can help ensure consistency in HR practices and improve communication between HR and employees.

Compliance management:

Centralising all your HR-related email communication can do wonders for compliance management. With all the information in one place, HR teams can easily keep track of and report on compliance with labour laws and regulations, significantly reducing the risk of any compliance issues.

Breaking down the email silo is just the beginning. With Workiro's NetSuite Outlook integration, you get a complete overview of all active (and completed) communications that require your or your team's attention. And that's not all - you can even follow up with trackable actions for both your team and customers, all directly in NetSuite. Now that's a game-changer.

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